My Cortana Costume - *FINISHED! START ON pg5

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    My Cortana Costume - *FINISHED! START ON pg5

    *Finished costume pics start on page 5

    Yup, jumping on the bandwagon... lol jk but I wanted to do a quick and simple side cosplay for PAX. Cause as cool as my armor is coming along and junk, I don't want wear it ALLLL weekend at PAX. I like having multiple costumes. Anyways.

    A blue unitard suit I bought on ebay. Normally I'd make it myself, but I was far too lazy and it'd cost the same in materials as it would to just buy it. So yeah, buy it. Who's lazy? *this guy*

    My specs I quickly sketched up.

    Starting to tape some parts off


    Trying it on so far

    Yes those are platform clear stripper shoes with a 6" heel... I got them with the intent of having it look like I'm floating almost.

    Oops, I decided I didn't like the original shade of blue... Spase suggest spray painting it a lighter colour... I didn't want to cause it was gonna ruin the stuff I painted already. But I did it anyways cause the unitard blue was too off for my liking

    And I was right, it ruined the darker blue parts.. Oh well, gotta redo them!
    Adding in detailing as I go along too. Can't really see it too well in this picture, but I'll be pretty sparkly!
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    Wow that's looking really good!

    And those heals are freaking huge!! you could squash plenty of flood spores with those haha

    Keep up the good work its looking great so far!

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    Wow, that's looking pretty good so far

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    Great work so far, nice detail.

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    very nice. u going to put some LEDs on it?

    your BF is so lucky. its hard to find a girl that does halo

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankball View Post
    very nice. u going to put some LEDs on it?

    your BF is so lucky. its hard to find a girl that does halo

    anyways, just keep us updated.

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    Dang i might just have to fing if there are any male A.I.'s and make my own one of these Keep it up i cant wait to see this compleate

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    That is an excellent unitard! I've been wanting to do a Cortana costume for the LONGEST time! I was supposed to dress as Cortana and my husband was going to dress as Master Chief for our Halo themed wedding, but that didn't happen. At least I still got married on 7/7 (last year). hehe

    Anyway, I was at one point thinking about taking the "risky" route and just straight painting my own body, but decided that might be a bad idea. XD I though about sewing my own unitard type suit, but decided I don't want to try that again. So, where on ebay did you find it? I'm gonna look there and see if I can't find one. How much did you end up paying for that? It looks like the PERFECT one!

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    @TheBearMan: Thanks! Haha yeah, they're pretty big... My friends keep calling my 'Hooker Cortana'. XD

    @Swift: Thanks!

    @Tankball: Thanks! Probably not, I think I'm too lazy to hook up LEDs in them (assume you're talking about the heels). But at the same time, wouldn't be too hard I guess... Since they are stripper shoes, they have a hidden compartment flap... lol

    @Got Armor: Thanks!
    Lol... did you "...." about the same time I did. Lol yeah, my bf's so lucky... Too bad he doesn't realize it....

    @Zero Prime: Could always just design your own male AI?

    @HaloGoddess: lol yeah, Spase and I were joking out how I should do body paint (or at least I was joking...), but clearly voted against it. lol I think it'll be 'bad enough' I'm going as Cortana during Halofest, biggest freaking halo event at pax in skin tight goodness with stripper heels... No need to add 'nudity' to it. XD That and I wouldn't be comfortable with going 'nude' at all. lol

    Yeah I got lazy with making another bodysuit. I JUST made another body suit costume and that was enough for me lol (for my O-ren Ishii cosplay)

    This is the link I got the unitard off of:
    At first I was stoked about getting a metallic suit, but then didn't like how dark it was. So I messaged the seller about if they had a lighter blue, and if they could make it with a high collar instead of a hood. It took a couple weeks of emailing because english was CLEARLY not their first language, but we managed, and I got exactly what we discussed and I couldn't be more pleased! I would recommend them!
    Paid about $45, with shipping. And it arrived before my wig which I ordered a week eariler and I'm STILL waiting on that!! D:<
    (Took about 2 weeks to arrive)

    Meant to post a couple more pics last night but got distracted.

    Can I also just say... Please ignore the dark blue detailing design... I loosely used Halo: Legends as a base reference, and then putting my own spin/making it up as I go along.... There's SO many references for Cortana, I wasn't sure which one to go off of... SO yeah... Don't complain that it's not 150% accurate. lol
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    Thats a lot of progress to soak in. Great work as always.

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    That would be cool to go off the halo legends one, Build is still going great.

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    This is a beautiful build so far Izy! Cant wait to see more.


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    Hey! I went on ebay and started looking for a unitard. It took me a minute, but I finally found the style I was looking for which is basically what you got. I found this one: The link that you gave me is one that I came across in my searches. I also like the way that one looks and using some of my airbrush techniques, I could make the metallic one look pretty sweet! hehe Although, I think I will just go with the light blue one I showed you here.

    And those shoes you are wearing drive me crazy! XD I own a black pair like that and a pair of higher boots. Don't ask. XD Anyhoo, I like the direction you are taking with your Cortana suit. What did you use to make the little white lines in the darker blue areas?

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    Thanks Will!

    Careful with that light blue one. That's the same colour the seller showed me (that I got mine from) and that fabric in particular, is a bit darker and more brighter. So yeah, the whole "your screen might not be adjusted" thing and yeah.

    I was gonna exchange my stripper (lol) heels for a more kitty heel with no platform and is still clear. But yeeeaahhh... Cortana's a hooker now. XD
    Fabric paint, all of it is fabric paint. They little bottles of paint I got (cause I don't need THAT much) have a fine tip nozzle, so I just free hand it. And although in the pictures those lines look white, they're actually a light metallic pale blue. It's quite pretty. My camera doesn't do my suit ANY justice... It's a dark metallic blue with a layer of silver glitter on top, then the pale metallic blue stripes. You can't see the sparkles, any of the true colours, etc. Oh well. Hopefully when I do I shoot with my photographer when I'm done, I'll some crazy epic (detail) shots. :3 I'm excited for THAT shoot. :3

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    I could actually see the glitter in some of the pictures. When I go to do mine though, it will be fully airbrushed. Painting the designs will be a lot faster and I will be able to create some neat effects. Even if I get that suit and it ends up being darker, it's nothing that some airbrush magic can't fix. hehe

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    That looks great! I also like how when you painted it, you made it look like electricity was pulsing throughout it haha cool. Good luck with the rest of the suit!

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    More updates! Almost done. Would have finished tonight but I have something else I need to get done...

    Please excuse the bad lighting and shitty camera... I plan to do a video tomorrow in the daylight. Tried to do one tonight but it's too dark. Just have some things to do to the legs, add dark blue spotting, go party with the glitter, then done!

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    LOVE IT. 1st to say it!. now if i can find a GF like u :| lol

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    That is lookin really nice. I like how the back came out. I also like how the designs look from the side and for some reason, the front seems to be lacking. XD When I go to do my Cortana, I will be making the designs based off this drawing: It's one that I did awhile ago. I like how it came out at the time I did it, but now I don't like it as much. XD I did use reference pics of Cortana when I did it and I like the designs on that so that is most likely what I will be using. I THINK I have some back side reference images somewhere of Cortana and if I can find them, I will be using that to do the back side.

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    Wow just awesome! Very nice suit. Keep it up!
    And I love your door poster (the ODST pic) ^^

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    Very AWESOME!
    Can't wait to see it for real at Pax Prime!

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Spartan Will: I have a Reach poster on my other door too (door to my workroom)

    Done the body!

    All those thinner lines, that was Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner inspired. I really like the Z.O.E look and felt it make it more digitally. So yeah....

    Got my wig in today, but it was a lot short than the picture so I have no room for styling. So gonna have to order a new one and yeah. Big bummer.

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    that is looking VERY well done! Are you gonna make urself an Index too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J326 View Post
    that is looking VERY well done! Are you gonna make urself an Index too?
    I was thinking about it, but then I realized I'm kind of too busy with having to make two full Reach suits for PAX, which is like a month and a half away.... D: fml

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