Gurren Lagann mech project (.objs for building)

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    Gurren Lagann mech project (.objs for building)

    I haven't visited this place in a while, as real life has taken its toll, what with a summer job, college and getting on the Jimmy Dean sausage list and all.
    Anyway, I love a good anime, and over the past semester I watched (among about 20 others) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
    Don't get ahead of me here. I finally had some free time today and decided to break out gmax and see what I could do. I also had a nice, shiny papercraft model to refer to.

    Here is Lagann (Rendered in pepakura):

    And here is Gurren, he's not very useful at the moment. Just call him "Torso boy!" (rendered in Gmax)

    I do remember a thread running around somewhere with pep files for Gurren Lagann, but the links were down and the author hadn't responded in many months.
    The release date for the .obj files for these I am unsure of. Regrettably there's still lots of testing going on with these fellas, but I'm expecting to be done modeling the arms and legs and to fix up any errors in about a months time (theoretical maximum). Enjoy the pictures, and good night.

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    thats awesome love gurren lagann will you be modeling Yoko's sniper rifle as well good work keep it up

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    Thanks. I'm thinking of eventually making a papercraft Yoko based on the "Real Image Version" Statuette, which would include the sniper rifle. In addition, it would give me practice making organic shapes ;3
    but the papercraft yoko will be after I finish this little project. I must say though, having to use an unregistered pepakura designer is a pain in the butt. Thank goodness for the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer!"

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    Double Post!

    Anyway. A successful build of the head has been completed. The cardstock is holding up better than I thought it would (especially when colored with permanent marker). Height is 35 cm including horn thingies, and it fits my face perfectly. Please note the Helmet and face are two separate pieces, and that the pressure from the helmet keeps the face in place.

    There is only one problem, and that is the lower cheek topography where there are little pocket-like things:

    Easily remedied in the test build, but a definite fix needed before distribution. Also a few other little kinks that I need not trouble you fellows with.

    The torso seems to have no topographical errors, but when unfolding in the unregistered version of Pepakura, the smallest I could get it was about 35 pages while retaining the 62cm height (which is measurements for a 5'10" person)
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    looks good so far bro keep it up. im building a pep of yokos gun would you mind if i post a pic of it here when its done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbucu View Post
    looks good so far bro keep it up. im building a pep of yokos gun would you mind if i post a pic of it here when its done?
    Sure, as long as you don't entirely hijack the thread

    Two pics for your enjoyment. (FYI, the team Digurren symbol isn't mine. Thank you google images!)

    I printed out the torso (41 pages), and I have to admit I'm a little nervous... its the biggest pep I've ever done (62cm tall).
    Need to set my computer back to factory settings soon, the things very slow Thank goodness for a 500gb hard drive ^_^
    But for now... time to watch some of Last Exile :3

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    I'm very intimidated by building the torso, so I decided to model the legs instead:

    There is no difference between the two legs except the position of the hip armor thingy, so it will probably be released as 1 file. Now all I have to do is make sure the geometry isn't too complicated to build, actually build the sucker (torso, arms, legs, boots), model and test the boots and the .obj files should be ready for distribution and .pdo processing.

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    Hey man, awesome design. Definately looking forward to your files.

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    Update: apparently 63 cm is too short for the torso... crazyness.
    I'm considering using latex to support the pepakura parts so its durale and I can squish it if I need to in order to bring it home from college. Any thoughts?

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    Hey man, with those big curved sections of the torso I'd recommend foam. Ofcourse, I use nothing but foam so I'm probably a bit biased. Keep up the good work.

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    Looking into smoothcast foam III for this project. Will attempt a suit of MJOLNIR Armor to test material properties of foam, such as ability to sand, paint, separate from paper, etc. I will possibly finish the boots tonight at get the .objs floating out here.

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    Awesome. Glad to hear you'll be letting out those files. Can't wait to start my own. Are you considering at all the wing/backpack?

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    It's within the realm of possibilities. Just I keep getting distracted :P

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    Double post, because I'm too lazy to edit my previous one
    I lied, and haven't gotten around to making the boots yet. But here are the files so far:


    Note that for the arm and leg there is only one side, because you can just flip the pattern to make a matching pair. Also note that these are not scaled relative to each other, so build at your own risk.
    If you come across any topographical errors, please tell me.

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    I bow to your skill, sir. At the moment I'm half-way through free-handing my Berserk Skull Knight armour but once I complete that I'm getting straight into this. Going for an all foam build (Even though I'm a little worried about the face) so should be somewhat easy but boss looking. Would be happy to post some pics of it with full credit to your genius.

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    Where can i download the head pep? i see no download links in here. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyson-208 View Post
    I bow to your skill, sir.
    It helps that I've been making 3d models for about 6 years... what a wasted childhood, blame my dad ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark0 View Post
    Where can i download the head pep? i see no download links in here. Thanks
    The thing is, these are .obj files, which aren't unfolded, but can be imported into pepakura designer. I can't afford pepakura, so I'm hoping someone might unfold these, or just bear with me until I can afford the full version of it (then I can actually save what I unfold without using a ".xps" document). Oh, if you want the .xps document for one of these just to try your hand at it (with no regard for scale) just let me know and I'll upload 'em.

    I might actually do a second version of the helmet, because there are some inaccuracies with the first one (mainly the ears pieces)

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    Hey Gmer if you want i can pm you a pep password if you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by k_kid4life View Post
    Hey Gmer if you want i can pm you a pep password if you want
    No, but thank you for the offer. I don't want to provide to this community using pirated software. From my understanding a password is meant for one person's sole use. I respect the company enough to to pay for their product (when I can afford their product, that is).
    Remember that discussing warez & illegal downloady stuff is frowned upon on this site

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    Oops thats right i forgot about that and nice work on the 3d model, it looks pretty sweet.

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    How's the foot going, dude?

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    Life has been attacking me with Dungeons and Dragons, college work, Spartan 1337 armor, and awesome anime. I really have to get going on the feet. One of my classes are canceled today, so maybe I could do it promises though

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    Hate to bug, just wondering if any more progress has been made. Big fan.

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    Regrettably, no progress on the feet I've been working on my drawing skills and several anime series for the past few weeks. Maybe I'll get around to it today, as my activities have circled back around to gmax

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    Hi again, saw your guyver pep project (which is looking awesome btw). Just wondering if Gurren Lagann has been canned. Keep up the great work.

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