**Carpathia's Mk VI Armor: Master Chief Going into Cryostasis!

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    That is starting to look epic.
    For the back wrinkling maybe shoulder straps for tension, like suspenders and combined with joining the front and back between your legs to keep tension in the opposite direction.

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    Your thread is full of epicness!

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    Looking great! Loving the undersuit, it's all coming together.

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    I may contact you in the future because I may want to do something similar. It looks awesome!

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    Nearly finished with the torso undersuit. I got the hatched panels installed, attached the bottom of the front and back, and made a harness to complete the connection points. The only thing left are the shoulder panels. I will be attaching them to the straps so the entire thing is one piece. Here are a few pics...

    And a few of everything put together...

    The thatched panels are three layers of craft foam glued together and sprayed with plasti-dip. As I thought, the panel helped stiffen the back up a bit, the harness helped too.

    Now that school is out for the semester, it's time to get the fires lit on this project again. I plan on getting a lot of work done on both my Battle Rifle and my armor. The shins and thighs are both resined and awaiting a time to get hardened, hopefully that will be soon.

    That's it for now, let me know what you think and keep watching.

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    How did you put it on? Lol I looks as though it's all one piece. Is there a hidden zipper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macattack64 View Post
    How did you put it on? Lol I looks as though it's all one piece. Is there a hidden zipper?
    Nope, no hidden zipper. It's all one piece. It IS a very tight fit going over my hips (since I pull it up like pants), which is why I attached the sides to the back with elastic. The elastic provides a little give going past my hips; once it gets past that point, it slides up nicely.
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    Wow that under suit is looking awesome.

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    Had sort of a nice day today, so I decided to get back on my armor. As I mentioned, I have the shins, thighs and one boot resined and ready to harden, so I started back up on the shins...

    I hardened the shins using fiberglass cloth rather than rondo this time around. The last pair of shins I worked on, I hardened with rondo and they ended up shrinking and warping. Since the fit on these shins are perfect, I wanted to minimize the shrinkage, so I used fiberglass cloth.

    The next nice day, I will either try to harden the thighs or begin to smooth out the shins. Otherwise, I will keep working on the undersuit.


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    Shines are look good.

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    Well, it's been too cold and nasty outside lately to get to bondoing my armor, but I've made a ton of progress to the undersuit, to the point of being finished. I got all the strapping done and attached the shoulder undersuit. Here are the pics...

    And with that, there is also an update to the second post, the updated picture of the suit...

    So, that's pretty much all that I can do indoors (unless I decide to expand on the undersuit). I do plan on making knee pads, but that will come later when I complete the shins and thighs. So, we'll see if the weather cooperates the next few days.

    Anyway, that's it for now. Let me know what you all think and keep watching.
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    That looks so good. I want to start working on something like this when i at least get the chest done. :\

    I need to make a neck seal like yours too.
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    Looking good carpathiavh99, looking good

    I like your underarmor, I'll start making mine after the holidays. Based on the Bluerealm and my trusty 12" MC from McFarlane.

    One or two things to help you: Warping can be cause by to much resin in your pieces = to much heat when it cures. Ad some struts to keep the form, could be cofe sticks, big slush straw or some sturdy carboard.

    When I've done the fiberglas in my parts I used a mix of home made rondo and resin at the same time. Put some rondo where you think it will be hard for the fiber to stay in place, like in corners, recess, strange details and small edges. Then put your precut fiber over it and add resin, with a brush remove the excess resin to keep the part lightweight. You dont have to do a part in one shot, do one half in each shins, wait for it to cure, when the heat as come down do the other half's.

    Preparation is the key when doing fiberglass

    The brown stuff you see inside is rondo, under the fiberglass

    Hope it helps

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    Thanks for the tips, Cyberben. Although, it's nothing really new to me. I usually use bits of dowel rod or foam core for keeping peps in shape while I resin, and I usually apply two coats of resin to really help the piece hold its shape when I harden it. I have only ever really had a problem with the first pair of shins I did for this build. I was trying to rush and didn't take into account the fact that rondo shrinks. Otherwise, I've had very few issues keeping peps in shape. Thanks anyway for the advice and comments.

    I managed to get outside and do a little bondoing today. I got the back portion of the shins smoothed out, just a little to go on the sides and the front, but I worked my hands numb today with the low temperature outside. Winter sucks. Anyway, here are a few pics...

    This particular file came with a few floating faces for the detail I wished to incorporate into my last pair, so I'm cutting them out of a 1/16" material...

    ...and applying it after I smooth out the parts...

    Later, I will coat these in resin and smooth them out with a little bondo to help them blend in a bit.

    Hopefully, I can continue to bondo tomorrow.

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    What kind of temperature are you doing this work in?

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    Today it got down to 35 deg F, but I bondoed in my garage with a space heater nearby. I sanded outside, away from the warmth of my heater in order to keep the dust from getting all over the place in my garage.

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    I was thinking about getting myself a cheap space heater for about $20 but I don't know how well it'll work. It's supposed to be around 40 degrees for me tomorrow. I want to be able to get work done like you are!

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    Great job so far, the bondo work looks good. Sorry to hear its so cold up there. Weather has been gorgeous in FL...lol <--I'm kidding, but really I hope you get some decent temps soon, cause I'm very much interested in seeing where this build goes. Keep up the good work.


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    Don't know how I missed this thread. It is great. Cool to see another 405er with a laser. Is it an X-660? If it is I have the exact same one.

    I love the bondo work, and the detail you put into the parts. Also great undersuit. I will be referring back to this for when I start my Mark VI.

    Keep it up.

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    The shins are smoothing out nicely.

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    Thanks for the compliments everyone.

    Quick update. The temperature was above 40 today, so I managed to get the rest of the back of the shins smoothed out today. Within the next few days I can get the fronts smoothed out, then I will be very close to finishing them.

    There are a few parts that need a little cleaning up, but that's what spot putty is for.

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    Those look really good. I should have used that model, they look better then the one I'm using.

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    December 29th, and today's temperature was 51 degrees! SOMEBODY wanted me to bondo today!

    I finished up applying the bondo to my shins today. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I managed to get a coat of primer down too in order to see where all the work is needed. Mostly what is left is sanding resin runs and applying and sanding spot putty to fix the smaller imperfections.

    Also, in keeping with the desire to add in the detail found in the game, there is one more part I have to add before I can wrap this portion of the build up...

    I'll add in this detail the same way I added in the back detail, by using a bit of mat board and bondoing over it.

    Well, I've said this before, hopefully I won't have to say it again, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as the shins are concerned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carpathiavh99 View Post
    Well, I've said this before, hopefully I won't have to say it again, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as the shins are concerned!
    Looking great, And the light at the end of the tunnel is such a great feeling isn't it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorn696 View Post
    Looking great, And the light at the end of the tunnel is such a great feeling isn't it.
    It sure is! And that light is getting much bigger! Today was a beautiful 55 degrees outside, so I went to town on the shins. They are now NEARLY complete. I worked until sundown and managed to get as far as getting the silver coat down. As of now, they look very shiny...

    All that is left is to mask off the areas I want to represent scratches, put a dark grey primer down, re-mask the scratched areas, put down the green color and flat clear coat, then distress them.

    All I need is one more nice day.

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