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Thread: Childs Play Charity Helmet By BLACKULA727

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    Childs Play Charity Helmet By BLACKULA727

    Good Afternoon everyone, I wanted to share with you a special project I was working on at the end of last month.

    I contacted Laird Maclean about donated a completed helmet for the online Auction that he puts together. With that said, here is what I came up with.

    Video (Please forgive my low budget video):

    Build Pictures:


    Prep & Paint

    Stuff going into it


    I want to give special thanks to everyone who helped me accomplish this.

    3D Modeler & Reference Pictures

    LEDs & wiring Instruction:
    Thatdecade (He also donated the LEDS & Parts needed to complete this, Thanks again my man)

    Molding & Casting Help:
    Ben Streeper
    Brandon McClain

    405th forum for all that I’ve learned and all the constructive criticism that went into creating the initial model. Without this community I would not have been able to achieve the end result.

    Additional info:
    Childs Play Charity

    Currently, the helmet is on its way to Laird Maclean and should arrive soon. Hopefully with no issues.

    Thanks for viewing & thanks for being an awesome community that I am proud to say I belong to.

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