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Thread: DRI Gundam Sazabe

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorn696 View Post
    This is some Sweet eye candy you have going here, yulp that about covers it.
    thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by gingersnapples View Post
    great job! you really did well with capturing char's obsession with red mobile suits.
    makes me want to make v gundam, but i think i'm gonna make a jesta.
    on a side note, its called sazabi, and though its from gundam, its not a gundam. (its lacking the v-fin and the face a gundam has)
    thanks. we'll keep that in mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by GundamLoki View Post
    2 weeks?! ha! I have that just in building time of my helmet! I have a lot to learn to get to your guys level! That thing is incredible! To bad we aren't in the same area otherwise after I finish my Nu build we could have a cosplay fight :P haha but you should check my build out in my sig and tell me what you think! Awesome job guys!

    great build you got there. the pep helmet is awesome. keep it up & just complete it at your pace.

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    Insanity. That looks incredible, and made even more incredible because of the fact it was done in two weeks. Heck, I don't think I've even finished a project in two months, let alone two weeks!
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