40K Terminator custom build (pic heavy)

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    40K Terminator custom build (pic heavy)

    So guys my Iron Man MK VI suit is taking up too much time and need a faster build for new year so have started a foam terminator suit. Not sure if I will have it done by then but as it means less noise due to minimal power tools needed so I can work at night while the rest of the world sleeps. Here are the images I will be basing the build on. Not doing the weapons or wings yet as my local pub is a bit small and I would just be an inconvenience to everyone. Will have pics of every step for you as I didn't find a great deal on 40K marine/terminator builds. Almost finished the torso templates this evening so when complete will have pics for you tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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    That looks REALLY challenging

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warpath5150 View Post
    That looks REALLY challenging
    YEAH it does...

    I've never played the game, however I know enough to say that you should do the normal basic armor, it would be a TON easier, and take up way less time than that would...but I guess it's your choice...
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    Are you going to base your foam off reference pics or do you use pep to help? Because I've found some pretty awesome termie peps on the 405th here, that might help you.

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    I got all the space marine and terminator PDOs I can find and am using them as references. Have 2 computers with them loaded up on screen so it's all a case of using common sense and a good eye to work out the shapes that need cutting. Only part that is proving a task is the torso but I am almost there. Boots might also be tricky as they involve rounded parts but will see how to tackle the toe part when I get there.

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    So here are the first of the bits I made yesterday lunch time. Not going to bother including pics of the templates as you can easy see how each bit is done. Would have more done but only had the 4 mats I bought for my iron man build incase I needed them. Ordering a big pack today so hopefully will be able to get all the foam work done at the weekend.

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    You're off to a great start!

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    Thank you man. Here are those bits together. Of course will be making arm holes but want the torso complete first.

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    I rarely reply to any threads, but i cant find myself leaving this one xD its very clean foamwork, man. Lookin' good so far

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    Wow! Impressivily clean cuts! If you don't mind me asking, what do you use to cut your foam with?

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    Thank you guys. As for what I use to cut the foam, just a normal surgical knife nothing fancey. Can't wait till my order turns up. I can really start to get things moving then. Cut the bits for the left and right back mounts and started a shoulder pad but getting tricky now as running low on foam. Will get some more pics up tomorrow.

    So far tools and materials used are

    1. EVA Foam Floor Mats
    2. Surgical Knife
    3. "Mouse" hand sander
    4. Dremel
    5. 2000W Heat Gun
    6. Glue gun

    Once I am finished building the foam I will be sealing it with Rosco Flexbond then painting or maybe spraying it. Need to do a test to see if the flexbond will seal the foam enough to stop the spray eating it.
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    That is some beautiful precision work!

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    Wow thank you man, that means a lot to me coming from you. I have seen some of your work and it is sick!

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    Looks great man I use to work for GW. Have an idea for a marine with jump pack and 2 power fists so will be watching your posts closely. Where in the UK are you and where are you getting your bits from?

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    I am in Cornwall and all supplies so far are from eBay. Downloaded all the pep files for terminator and marine armour but not actually used any of them. Had them on screen a couple of times but so much more fun and rewarding making everything your self. Found a thread or site where some one was making a fully working power fist on his build but didn't book mark it sorry.

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    No worries dude. Looking forward to seeing if your Rosco Flexbond works out and how you are gonna do your shoulder plates in foam?
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    Well as for the shoulders the model I am basing this on doesn't have the normal marine shaped pads. Hard to explain but my foam should be here on Friday and I will have them built and pics posted. Only part I think I may have to pep/resin and bondo is the toe caps. Luckily I have all the materials from my ironman build handy so will use them if I have to.

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    Hey guys any ideas on how to tackle these? I was thinking either fitting some marbles or cut a ping pong or similar item in two and fitting LEDs in them. I like the idea of some lights on the suit but unless I can find somewhere else to have some they will look a bit out of place up there.

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    when i saw your first post and it said you wee building that statue... i thought to myself "this guy has no idea how hard it will be" but i stand corrected bro, it looks awesome and it takeing shape fast.

    -keep us updated

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    That is pretty freaking good. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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    Absolutely Fantastic Fella! I'm glad someones gone for an old school terminator. Not a big fan of the new look. I always fancied a go at one myself but never found the time. You've really inspired me to give it a go, mucho thanks!

    As for your question, have a look for cheap fake security cams and bung some leds for effect

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    Adding details as not much foam left now. Bought some flexipipe today (not sure what it's really called) and thought it would make for some nice extra additions of my own. Heat gun warped it a little but bought more than I needed so I might do some perfect forms.

    Todays shopping list was:

    1. White "plastidip" paint (cheaper than spray)
    2. Tube of "Plastidip Anything Foam"
    3. Black Long Johns
    4. Black long sleeved Thermal top
    5. White Gloves with rubber spots on fingertips for grip (so I can hold a pint)

    The tube of Plasidip foam is to fill in gaps between parts. I know that people talk about spot putty but "Plastidip" seem to know their stuff when it comes to rubber paints/sealants so sticking with them.

    Looking for a good Bronze paint to do the raised details. If anyone in the UK knows of a good one let me know please. In fact if ANYONE knows of metallic paints that are suitable for foam builds can you let me know please. Will work out UK equivalent. If no one knows then gonna order some acrylic paints for try outs. Wish I could fly to the US for free and make this, it would be a quarter of the price and you guys get all the good products needed.
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    1) where did you get your foam
    2) by sugical knife do you also mean Xacto knife

    the details looks spot on man... keep us updated

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    Bought the foam from ebay and as for the knife I use it's a surgical scalpel knife.

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    Very nice, clean looking foam work, I love all the detail that you're putting into this.

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