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Thread: reach M6b magnum pepakura WIP

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    reach M6b magnum pepakura WIP

    here is the start of my M6B pistol from halo reach. i will fill in any spaces and gaps at a later date. i plan to make some casts with it. this is only my second papercraft (pepakura) prop. so im still a noob at it but am improving.
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    Nice job so far. Pep weapons are not easy, so major props to you. Can't wait to see the rest!
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  3. yeah, this is cool. in my opinion scratch builds are better for weapons, but pep can look really nice too!
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  4. very nice, that was the first weapon I tried to pep, then I found the sliced files and have decided those are the only ones I'll touch.

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    very nice, good luck with the build!
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  6. nice job so far im going to make one of those soon

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