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Thread: Halo Reach Noble six WIP

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    Halo Reach Noble six WIP

    Hey everyone, had this project in the works for awhile now, but I just got all signed up. I am currently up to the bondo/smoothing stage in the build:

    Let me know what you think, and if you can give me any tips that would be great!

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    Hey! Welcome to the 405th! Try to get some more pics so we can have a better look, but other than that, it looks good! is that all you have so far? It would be awesome to see a full suit! And just a tip, try to save the helmet for last, that way any new tricks you learn you can use to perfect it! After all, the helmet is the most looked at...

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    Thanks man.
    Yeah sorry about the pic, I had to compress it for a ppost on another website, I'll get some others up soon, the upload settings are going to take some getting used to.
    Thanks for the tip, I would have left it until last but I was so excited to get a project started.
    Also I have just started the torso, I was contemplating a foam build but I'm unsure about the complications associated so I stuck with pep.

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