Tactonyx Halo Weapons Thread

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    Awwwww yeaaaaaaa!!!!

    Is that the halo 2 version?

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    Good lord. you never fail to amaze everyone! You're one of my idols when it comes to gun and prop making.

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    Thank you everyone. Here's a handful of pistols I made. Some of them already have homes, others I'll keep for my own twisted uses. Check out the "K" at the bottom, that is going to turn into one saweet gun once I'm done with it.

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    the pull's look epic.

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    Here's some WIP pics of the sniper rifle:

    Quick drafts of the rifle, scope and firing chamber

    Firing Chamber and Muzzle Brake

    Alpha scope

    Rotating bolt


    Construction of the upper

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    i would love to just sit and watch you work to see your technique you put into these masterpieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xarmymustang View Post
    i would love to just sit and watch you work to see your technique you put into these masterpieces.
    Yep. The details captured on everything is just amazing. Keep up the great work!!


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    Man, you're at it again. Great job Ben!

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    This is just awesome. Don't be afraid to post more pic's of how you make these works of art come to life.

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    Wow! That sniper rifle looks like its gonna turn out to be a beast. Just a quick question, how's the sturdiness of your guns? Do you feel comfortable wielding them as if they wood or similar material? Or do you have to harden them to make them that strong?

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    I don't have to hardened this material, only reinforce it. These are quite sturdy, and are easily movable once all of the sockets and locks are built. The sniper rifle has a horizontal locking system where the barrel holds the entire gun together, removing the barrel will completely disassemble the entire gun into major components. Most of my models can do this (Except the M7 SMG)

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    It seems like a legitimate alternative to wood or cardboard. Great work again, and hopefully I can get around to doing something a fraction as good as yours with it.

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    I can safely say that the M7 is easily the hardest model I've ever built. It's also the hardest one I ever mold and casted. It is incredibly hard to demold this thing, but the trade off is the full blown detailed awesomeness. Had to use some madz skillz with molding to get these parts to turn out right. You guy's wouldn't believe the buttstock mold I made. Heres an exact, if not rough, copy of my M7 smg:

    Vanilla M7 smg

    Tac-out M7, featuring movable buttstock, detachable magazine and a scope that miraculously came out of the mold in one peice. Check out my M6K right above it.

    Reciprocating charging handle. Have to HK slap this beast!

    Thanks for looking, feel free to comment
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    OHhhhhhh dang! You suck man, I'm gonna go to the poor house because of you. It's too bad about the suppressor.

    Will the magazine be magnetized, or just friction locked? And is the locking mechanics for the stock still going to work?

    Amazing work, that's a great cast.

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    All mechanics still work. But whereas this is resin, I don't know how strong they'll be. As for the suppressor, I'm sure there is a way to correct this, maybe building up the inside of the adapter to force the sound suppressor up? I'll have to tinker with it, but I'm not going to remold that part. NO WAY. That one was a tricky one, but nowhere near as hard as the feed tray. Speaking of which, the magazine is friction locked.

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    It looks great Ben. I'm sure you can come up with something to fix the suppressor. I like the Tac-out version myself.

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    As i pick my jaw back up off the floor let me say i cant wait for it to be perfected i wants one lol

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    I love that compact one man, that thing is awesome.

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    Very impressive

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    Wow this is stunning!

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    Looks sick!
    Nice work man.


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    Thanks everyone.
    These have been a WIP for far to long. I'm going to try to get this, and my pistols painted here within the next week or so and end the madness.

    Edit: I have the smg in the classifieds for anyone interested in getting one.
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    Whatcha guys think?

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    Looks great Ben as always.

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    The paint and the detailing all look spot-on. Nice work buddy!!


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