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Thread: KAT ARMOR BUILD - with custom undersuit

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    Thank you all for continuing to check out the build!

    @Spartan_127, Ninjetsu NL, Mstruvmgc, Annanymous, CrazedOne1988, rainbow dash, nessorwar, vargatom, Skullptura, ColFork85: Thank you all for the awesome comments!

    Quote Originally Posted by ACDCrockr209 View Post
    Words alone can't describe the awesomeness of your update, girl! You're so close to the finishing your armor!
    Thank you! Sooo close...I can't wait to paint!

    Quote Originally Posted by Spacemeat View Post
    Great to see it all coming together, certainly one of the best suits I've ever seen. In fact, the topic of your totally awesome build came up this past weekend at comikaze
    Thank you Spacemeat it means a lot! I really like how your build came out, too!

    Quote Originally Posted by masterchief2323 View Post
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmn, a truly epic build, you should be working for blue realm studios or as a big shot movie wardrobe designer raking in the dough!
    Lol, thank you! I don't know about it being that good but I do appreciate it!

    Quote Originally Posted by ViperB77 View Post
    My ... that is... Sexy. I'm impressed! I'm trying to use Halogoddess' female armor pep, and since you're trying to make a good "underarmor", would you suggest that I look into something of the sort for her?
    Thanks! I think that the undersuit is definitely an important component. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking though...are you thinking about making an undersuit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Snail3Productions View Post
    Basically this is possibly the best build I have ever seen on this forum! TEACH ME!
    Aw, thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by vshore100 View Post
    Holy Moses this is CRAAZZZZYYYYY!!! You have got to stop putting the whole armor on every time to take a pic. Each time you add a piece it gets more and more insane and I don't know if I can take much more! No joke, this is the best foam build out there right now I believe. It's flat out epic!
    Hahaha, thank you vshore! I'm super digging what you've got going on with your build now

    Quote Originally Posted by thorn696 View Post
    BAM!!!! and that's how you do that.

    As this "EPIC WORK OF ART" nears it's finish. The rest of unbelievers will just have to get down on there knees...Pick up their jaws... And admit that you now have the Top Build this year. No one is even close to doing a foam build of this caliber, Nerveless any other type build.

    It's all you LilTyrant, Now dazzle us with you're next piece of Art. Not that I'm rushing you it's that I just can't wait to show everyone how it's supposed to look.
    Thank you thorn!! Now the pressure is really on! And I don't know about Top Build...there are a ton of impressive builds out there, including yours!

    Quote Originally Posted by VividT E X View Post
    What could I ever say more than what Thorn just said xD ... Well miss If I had to say something ... it would deffinatly be that your build, and I know it's every one dream somehow ... look even more close to a real spartan 3 mjolnir armor, thant what weta's achieved with 8000 % more technology and ressources you've ever had troughout this entire project xD.... And that also mean that your craftmanship overpass what a crew a specialized craftman can do all together xD How about that .. ( but it's all acording to me ) any way... consuming myself just by thinking of the upcomming helmet !!! :O
    Thank you, thank you!

    Oke doke...update time! Not a ton of progress, but an update is an update! I made a little bit of progress on the helmet...

    After spending some time looking at the side view of Kat's helmet, I noticed how ridiculously long it is front the front to back...which made me realize how large it would need to be to keep these proportions:

    I did a 1:1 quick front/side sketch to mess with the proportions and shrink the distance between the front and back:

    Based on the sketch, I've started putting together the base structure for the helmet. I wedged the visor roughly in place as a reference guide as I work:

    Aaaaand that's all for now! More structure and details to come!

    'Til next time, keep buildin' guys!

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    Wow your foam work is truly awe inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing your whole progress with us. You are one of the reasons why I came back and started working on armor again. The helmet is going to look great.
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  3. Based on the dimensions, it seems that the additional room in the back and the front would be very beneficial. You could hide your hair, batteries, fans, etc in the back and perhaps even some in the front as well. Breathing on the glass will fog it up, so the farther away your face is from it, the better.
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    Looks Awesome so far. Really inspiring to see you making this out of foam as well. Keep up the good work. I know it will turn out as great as everything else.
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    truly amazing foam work... i barely finishing mines and now i want to toss it and redo it all over!!! you have inspired me to build myself an epic suit...


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    Is this a sketch?

    That is just plain amazing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LilTyrant View Post

    I did a 1:1 quick front/side sketch to mess with the proportions and shrink the distance between the front and back:

    ... now I'm curious, what major are you? (if you're in college, you're in college right?), I ask because I've had to do sketches like this (though rather more simple and not quite as cleanly done) in class before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowind View Post
    ... now I'm curious, what major are you? (if you're in college, you're in college right?), I ask because I've had to do sketches like this (though rather more simple and not quite as cleanly done) in class before.
    My guess would be some kind of art major! Our engineering drawing are much different. More crude until we start getting into CAD.

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    Art and architecture majors start sketches like this, so an art major would be my guess. I've lost track of how many times I've started sketches the way you've done above with the blue pencil. I like to call them "Finding the Line" lines, when you lightly run the pencil back and forth until you have the right line.

    Great work as always. I was wondering what you were going to do about the helmet. Even though you've scratch-built the rest of the suit, I was still surprised to see that you're scratch-building the helmet as well. Didn't Kat have a silver visor?
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