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Thread: Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2012!! - planning thread.

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    Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2012!! - planning thread.

    Alright so instead of just using last years thread i decided to make a new one to make things easier on people.

    Who's going?
    What costumes are you wearing?
    What day(s) are you going?
    Do we want to try and plan some photo shoots?
    What are you excited for this year?


    Personally, I'll be there all 3 days hopefully, Saturday and Sunday for sure.

    Gonna be sporting my Blue spartan.
    (click to enlarge)

    also my newly made Mandalorian.
    (click to enlarge)

    Lastly my very newly created Mass Effect N7 armour....which I still need to finish in time for the release of the 3rd game.

    I'm definitely game for any and all photo shoots or group gatherings on the floor.
    I haven't really looked much into what all is going on this year but I'm stoked on helping out at the 501st booth with the mando mercs.

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    I will going all 3 days, with 5 costumes.... Yup... Do the math... 5 into 3.... That means I'll be changing a couple days a couple days. :P

    I'll have my spartan, Cortana, Hexadecimal from Reboot (and Scott as Bob), X-23 (and Scott as Wolverine), and Blackcat (and Scott as Black Spiderman).
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    This Spartan is definitely going for all 3 days. Sporting a few upgrades too...
    Hyo! I want photo ops with all yours and Scotts costumes!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for creating the new thread.
    I hope to have my Mark IV ready, but I won't rush it. Especially on the paint. I will try to work on it everyday.
    If I can't get it done I'll bring my SLR and try to get nice shots of everyone. I'll be there for the whole weekend
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  5. For those that don't already know, the Halo guest spot timeframe at the 501st photobooth is scheduled for 1000-1100 on the Saturday. Melissa, Patrick, Kris, Kevin, and Peter are signed up as confirmed, with Izy a maybe. Please note this is a one hour commitment, as people will be making donations to get their pictures with their favourite characters. 100% of donations are going directly to the Make A Wish Foundation. If there are other Halo costumers around who want in on a group photo, but aren't willing to commit to an hour posing with the public for charity, please arrive no later than 1000, and the group photo will happen as soon as the Halo costumers take over from Chewbacca. Remember everyone, early is on time!
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    Post deleted. Derp.
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