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Thread: Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2012!! - planning thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittamusPrime View Post
    Can all three of us play grifball? haha
    3 grav hammers vs 3 swords?!

    And I am currently planning 6 costumes: ODST, Mando, classic BSG, nu-BSG, Mass Effect, and TOR Jedi. Half of these will probably only be for a couple hours each, at the most, as they are lower down on my favorites list of the ones that I am bringing this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneHowler View Post
    Ok if someone makes the ball I'll submit to the humiliation of getting hit for the cameras
    hey man, at nearly all of the local photoshoots i some how leave with a picture of my spartan kit being teabagged. a photo of being hit with a hammer is nothing haha.

    also that would be awesome if you all had a grifball photoshoot. send those ones to rooster teeth for sure.

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    im definately planning on making a sword im hopeing to get it done for otafest (another con in calgary more anime related but still fun) so next year id totally be down for grifball

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    oh yeah! and if peter has those 4 swords completely done we can have more people! also i'm gonna try and get out to otafest wearing my spartan this year if i can, we should own the show in halo costumes.

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    Otafest is the same weekend as the video game music concert.
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    the show time on sunday is at 7pm though so i can still get out to it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradoxdj View Post
    the show time on sunday is at 7pm though so i can still get out to it then.
    Wrong... Show times are as followed (for Play!):
    Friday May 18th - 8pm
    Saturday May 19th - 2pm
    Saturday May 19th - 8pm

    There is no Play! showing on sunday.

    And hours and times for Otafest is here:
    Friday 18th - 6pm - 12am
    Saturday 19th - 10am - 12am
    Sunday 20th - 10am - 10pm
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    hope to see you there what is this play you speak of i have not heard of it?

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    I will be there on Friday, April 27th. I will be the green spartan in a CE Mark 5, hopes to see some of you around too! <3!
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    this weekend was amazing!! i say we try and get as many photo's compiled in here of all of our costumes.

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