L05T V1K1N6 Reach M45 Tactical Shotgun

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    Starting to look Epic already.

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    Hey everyone. I've been working sporadically throughout the week and here's what I've done so far on the stock.

    That's all for now. I'll be finishing up the last little bit of the buttstock tomorrow and I'll have pictures up then.

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    Every awesomeness add's one year to my life. You just gave me 50 extra right now!

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    Stock is looking great, just like the rest of your gun!!

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    Goodness i would love to have a cast of that beauty!!!

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    Sweet. Loving every minute of it.

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    Your work is really great. This IS sweet!

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    Sick as always V1K1N6...
    Sick as always...

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    Gorgeous build man. Truly a superb example of wood working skills.

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    I finished up the details on the stock a couple days ago. Sorry I didn't put pictures up until now, but anyway here they are.

    I'm starting on the magazine tube today. Hopefully I'll have pictures up soon.

    Stick around.

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    Seriously for something this epic i think we can forgive you for not posting pics right away :-P lol Looks superb bud

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    Awesome. and what do you mean stick around...... we've been hanging on you're every word since post #1.

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    Amen to why thorn said! Mad skills sir.

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    Absolutely beautiful man! Wish I had your crazy skills.

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    now that is beautiful make me one plz

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    Damn it!!!
    Your not helping my desire to not make one of these right now!

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    Thank you so much, guys! I really appreciate the compliments
    I'm very near being done with this build, and I'm sure you're all as excited as I am

    Here's the what I made over the weekend.

    Magazine tube.

    And here's the breach.

    I'm working on the barrel clamp right now so I should have an update on that later today.

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    Every update is really quite awesome. It amazes me what you guys can do with wood.

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    that is beautiful ~

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    I hate you right now!!!
    That thing is looking sweet!

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    i have to go get the mop now to clean up the drool :P

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    haha drool?? i have a puddle of giz i have to clean up maybe my gf can help me with that XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scar 405 View Post
    haha drool?? i have a puddle of giz i have to clean up maybe my gf can help me with that XD
    Uh.... Ok...
    Good luck with that.

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    yeah i may need it -_- haha

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    OK...NOW...I have a problem. Do I list this under Master wood worker, Or Mater prop builder? oh well, either way you're work of Art and/or skills are very impressive. I love every up date.

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