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Thread: My Haunted Helmet.....Scary...OOOOOO

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Propcustomz View Post
    Of course! I notice they didn't appreciate it as much when I showed it off at the "Kitten Custom Sweater Knitting Forums". So I thought this might be the best place to display it.
    Not sure whether or not to make comment about your other visited forums :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Propcustomz View Post

    "Originally Posted by RaideR6672
    Hey! Who turned out the lights?"

    Heck, I have no idea.
    Sorry, it's a Doctor Who reference.

    This looks amazingly scary, and very cool! I like it a lot!

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    That looks fantastic. It almost seems easier to make this than getting it in Reach. Awesome job!
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    Holy crap. Holy crap. You are amazing, sir. There's just no other way to put it.
    Btw, don't try to light it aflame, especially when it's on your head, it could be... Unhealthy.
    It feels strange to teabag your own body... In real life.

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    That man is SICK!!!! I love it. you could totally creep someone out with that helmet.make them think its a normal helmet, then surprise them with the skull illuminated by the green LEDs.

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    *subscribed* lol this is awesome! not what i was expecting when i read the thread title lol. way to go!!

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    so amazingly awesome! if anyone doesnt like it, i say we throw them overboard! seriously great, honestly wasnt expecting something this amazing from the title, same as mstruvmgc, but damn man, mind blowing build!
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  10. I'm sorry, but I just don't like it. It's just not very good. If you'd like though, I could save you the inconvenience of trashing it, and do it for you. Just let me know where and when to pick it up.

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