My Haunted Helmet.....Scary...OOOOOO

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    Looks fantastic!
    What thickness of foam did you use to carve out the scukl mask face? Or did you laminate several sheets together?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Disturbed Shifty View Post
    Maybe I missed it while drooling over my keyboard. But how was this accomplished? That is just amazing.
    I have the same question lol

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    The skull looks like it is mounted from the top and sides. Led's are mounted inside the chin area of the helmet and the inside of the top near the fans. It looks great, but a darker tint on the visor may look even more creepy. Well done to all who put blood sweat and tears into this helmet!

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    Great job man...looks cool.
    does the glow hinder your view?

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    looks great.

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    what did you use for the visor?

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