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Thread: DragonCon 2012 Parade Signup Thread

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    DragonCon 2012 Parade Signup Thread

    you guys know the drill! just sound off if youre marching with us. remember, a costume is definitely encouraged and preferred, but if you have some 405th gear you want to help rep us in you can wear that as well. also, right afterwards if everyones able, we can pick a spot around the parade ending area to take some group pictures.

    if youre definitely going to the con, but arent 100% sure youre able or wanting to do the parade, go ahead and post and let me know youre interested. i really just need a general number of people marching to give to the dragoncon staff for our badges. and you dont need your actual dragoncon passes to march, just the parade ribbons youre signing up for here. if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.


    Meeting Time: We start gathering at 8:30 AM. Depart from the Mariott at 9:00.

    Meeting Place: At the Mariott hotel. Just inside their entrance in to their driveway.

    Badges: Myself or one of the other veteran DCon members im in touch with will pick up everyones badges at one time, and then they will be distributed before we depart the Mariott.

    If you miss the meet up at the Mariott, you will have to make your way to Woodruff Park (intersection of Peachtree Street and Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta). its the starting point for the parade. it should be easy to spot us, but if not there are tons of staff members floating around that can point you in the right way.


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    I'll be there! I'll be pre-registering this week. I'll be bringing my red and white Mark 6 armor again. If I somehow churn out another suit in between now and Dragoncon I'll update this post and probably march with that. For now though its my trusty Halo 3 Mark 6 representing for the reds!
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    I'll be there in Caboose, "Regulation Blue" Mark V. I should even have Blue Team flag with me this year.

    If we can get my vac-forms molds working smoothly I might also have a Donut with me as well.
    Caboose (Halo: Combat Evolved Mark V)

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    I will say I might walk with the 405th this year but not sure, I will be at Dragon con this year but depends on if I want to do 405th or Mando Mercs for the parade

  5. i maybe going, waiting for a room. might be me and a few others not sure

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    roger dodger, link. ive got you down for 3 extras, if you need more spots just let me know.

  7. that should be good, we should be dressed up as odst

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadet View Post
    I'll be there in Caboose, "Regulation Blue" Mark V. I should even have Blue Team flag with me this year.

    If we can get my vac-forms molds working smoothly I might also have a Donut with me as well.

    CABOOSEEEEEE!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! (Sorry, had to. )

    Count me in! Should defiantly have my suit done by then, custom MK VB (details are top secret as of now, Sorry, That's All I Can Say ), and unless something HUGE prevents me, I will absolutely be marching with.
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    I'm in, Jen and I already have our reservations for Dcon 2012. Jen will march with us to take photos... and I'll try to get her into costume for once ! Haha! Will be there in full ODST.. prolly cosplay as a character instead of doing my usual personal suit. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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    the list is growing. GROOOWWWIINNNGGG.

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