Crysis 3

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    Crysis 3

    I guess Crytek figured that nobody could make a decent Turok game, so they thought they take a shot at it.

    Using a bow? With a powersuit? It better be a six or seven hundred pound bow, and it better be the most damn powerful weapon in the game.

    But I love how they integrated the urban jungle with a real jungle.

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    The look of the pre-rendered video is neat, and I can go for the style, but I am still very VERY pessimistic since their total flop with Crysis 2, which has barely been out for a year. As lazy a path as they took with 2, I can't imagine they'd have anything but half baked from the few months they've spent on this one. If it's running on the same engine as 2, (like MW3 did) then Crytek will have lost all credibility with me, because with their developement cycle going as it is, they seem more motivated by milking a dying franchise than their old credo of pushing the envelope on high end gaming.

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    I agree with you there, but the fact remains: You get to kill bad guy's with a six or seven hundred pound bow! In a jungle infested urban jungle!

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    CryEngine 3 is one of the most powerful game engines ever coded and I don't think Crytek will disappoint with the graphics side of things. Bringing the compound bow in as a stealth weapon will definitely prove an interesting approach, seeing as you can fire it whilst cloaked! Also, alien weapons are back! I must say, I am looking forward to it, more hoping it will explain what happened to the rest of Raptor team from Crysis 1 (more so for Nomad and Psycho)

    Either way, I'll be turning up for release wearing a Nanosuit 2.0 ...

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