Dragon Priest Krosis

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    Dragon Priest Krosis

    Some of you may have seen my Dragon Priest mask thread, but this one is a bit different because I'll be working on the entire costume for the Dragon Priest Krosis, from Skyrim.

    I started by taking a raw cast from the improved DP mold.

    I sculpted the crest out of clay, then molded it and casted it.

    To make the crown, I measured how long it would have to be and cut out three lengths of cardstock and glued them together. I then took some foamie sheets and cut the wavy pattern into it and stuck it onto the cardstock. To seal it for painting, I applied mod podge with a brush and coated it in clear acrylic. Then hot glue and paint!

    I added slight weathering to the cloth with brown and granite spray paint. The spine parts were actually coat hangers that I trimmed and painted.
    Added a bunch of battle damage and whatnot, painted it and weathered it with green and granite acrylic. I used a sponge to apply it where necessary.

    And put it all together!

    Here are more photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/sirtsab...7629121616595/

    Work on the armor and robes will be starting this week.
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    That looks absolutely amazing! I was hoping to see a full build soon.

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    Excellent work, Skyrim has amazing details!

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    I'm working on the full suit, I just finished cutting the cloth for the robes. I think I'll take an EVA approach to the armor.

    I think this belongs in the creation discussion page, if a mod could move it...

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    looks awesome man.

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    Good work on the Krosis mask. Any future plans for more Skyrim-style stuff? Maybe a full set of Ebony or Dragon armor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajfromnj View Post
    Good work on the Krosis mask. Any future plans for more Skyrim-style stuff? Maybe a full set of Ebony or Dragon armor?
    Working on the Ebony

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    Okay, I am jealous. That looks amazing.

    /stalks back to the coffee cave

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    I couldnt agree more, simply awesome! Keep up the great work, one of these days ill probally do a Skyrim build, since the elder scrolls is my favorite game franchise. And your work is very inspiring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Tsaboc View Post
    Working on the Ebony

    This looks Awesome! did you keep the Default size of the Ebony Helmet in Pepakura Designer?

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    Looking forward to see more skyrim builds! everything looks awesome

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    Please don't shoot fireballs at me krosis, I won't learn the dragon shouts on your wall...

    Seriously this is really good! Excellent, make his staff too!

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