Spartan III Senior Project Build

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    Spartan III Senior Project Build

    Heya folks, Nico here with a thread that documents my WIP on a Spartan III suit that got me my diploma! This thread is just a bunch of 'pics or it didnt happen' requests put to justice! Browse through and enjoy, folks~ Below is the final product, being sported by my best friend and NorthStar's official model, Patrick :3

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    First off, i started with the chest, seeing as the detailing on those things is more needy than a helmet, i got most of the back stuff done with a combination of FoamCore board and EVA foam, i was beyond happy with the final product!

    This little bit is the middle vent for the back, uber close up xD

    Same vent, an hour or two later :P

    The entire back, just lookit all the detail!!

    Detailed bits in the vents

    And the front of it in progress

    And little inlaid details for the vents on the shoulders~

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    And of course, next was the biceps! the thing is, i planned to do some sort of armor on the right one, so i didn't detail it as much :P

    Left one after a coat of Plasti-Dip

    And snug fit on my arm~

    And the right one, after a Plasti-Dip spray and basecoat of silver

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    After some long and hard work on the forearms (which i sadly forgot to document >.<* ) i had to test fit it all!




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    Shortly after, i made a few trips to my mentor, Kathleen, the one who helped me make the undersuit!

    Her, in all her glory, Brandishing part of the bicep-to-forearm underarmor foam

    Sewing the neckseal cloth together

    Stitching in the bumps to said neckseal

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    These next two pics suck a bit, shaky camera holder >.<

    And another

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    After that pic, things got hectic in our house, but i pressed on, forgetting to document the entire below-the-belt progress.. (cod, thighs, and shins)
    But they got done in time to present them, and here, i show you all the final test fitting~




    And the final wearing of the Spartan Suit~!

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    And that folks, is my thread, leave comments and questions if you so wish :3

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    Threads been up for a few days or so, no-ones interested?

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    I really like how clean the build was. Everything was damn near seamless. NICE!

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    Love the colour scheme and how you made it, good job mate!

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    Looks awesome. Wish my senior class would have allowed something like that back in my day lol

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