The Offical Happy Birthday Thread!

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    *get home, check emails*
    *Happy Birthday email from 405th*
    Awww lol.

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    Happy birthday to me! haha

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    happy B-DAY

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    Me* Happy Birthday to me!!!
    Me** Get back to work!
    Me* Yes boss -_-.

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    Happy B-Day to me as well.

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    It's my 18th YAH TIME TO PARTY!!!... wait i already did that

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    Shoot, i didnt see this thread untill today! my birthday was the 27th! Happy belated birthday to me i guess?

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    Happy 18th birthday to me! And thanks to the obviously generated 405th e-mail wishing me a happy birthday.

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    Happy jubilee to the Member #2 !!!

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    If this is a necro sorry but..ya know its a bday thread...

    Happy birthday to me!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhinoc View Post
    If this is a necro sorry but..ya know its a bday thread...

    Happy birthday to me!!
    Happy Bday TO YOU!

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    Happy birthday to me

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    Great attempt altogether. Really appreciate the effort, liked the topic. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Well, today I celebrate a mini-milestone: 25 years! Happy birthday to me, and here's to at least another 25!

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    Happy birthday to me!!

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    5 years later....Happy Birthday!!

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    It's my birthday, and I'm a whore for attention. Anybody miss me?

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    Yes really a good Idea...
    wishing them in a very good manner...

    Uniform Market

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    I am wishing a great Happy birthday for those who came to this world today . Have a mind blowing day and moments. Lets rock the town man. Beside that dont get that huh !!!!!! just joking . May god bless you .

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    A very happy birthday to {Cortana! I happen to follow her account on deviantART, which ended up giving me the memo.

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    Happy birthday, Epsilon.

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    happy brithday avery jr johnson.

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