Hello all, it has been quite some time since I posted here due to school and work; sadly, many of my projects have been shelved, indefinitely. However I have begun to move forward on a massive project that I started some time ago.

Recently I started to write a few stories and working on screenplays for a series called 'Memories of the Network'. Also I worked on some concepts for one of the sets of armor in the series called the Net-tech Hard Light Barrier Armor that I hope to clean up and use in a Manga adaption. In the mean time I hope to create an actual set of this armor and clean up my concept art. I know that it is a really crappy drawing but I was board out of my mind at work and my goal is to make this look like it was made in a garage (because it was). I hope to start to work on this next week and start to improve the concept are through out the week.

The Net-tech HLB Armor uses a electromagnetic mesh overtop traditional lightweight body armor to hold a thin layer of plasma just millimeters overtop the mesh. The plasma is held in such density that it acts like a solid and can take a ridiculous amount of punishment.