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Thread: - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

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    SwedishNinja reporting for duty. High Def pep work. PM me for any questions.

    Oderint dum metuant

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    Alright, here I go....

    These two were my first attempt at full "armor" costumes...

    My next attempts were some scratch built ODST armor with pep'd helmets for my friend and I (cardboard, cardstock, resin)

    My most resent attempt at this whole armor thing was ambitious... 3 Mjolnir Mark 5 suits for My friend, his girlfriend and myself... I only finished mine because of a lack of "willpower" on my friend's part... but I met a new friend at the midnight launch of Halo Anniversary.

    And these are closeup shots of my scratch built helmet. (the rest was scratch built as well.)

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    hears my kids suits

    I did the helmets in pep. and the body in foam hope you like

    ya I figured out how to post photos

    well now they want marine armor so I guess that's next

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    my first build

    this is my first build,it's mostly Robogenesis pep files resined and glassed no bondo. i made it last year and the under armor is the cheapest bmx vest I could find on ebay 40$ now starting my second. should be better with all I learned from my mistakes.
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    DAMN!!!! i don't have any finished armor yet =( i just want to finish my pilot helmet
    My photobucket
    My noble 6 build/ reach AR build
    My XBL GT: WakeJunkie message me saying that you are from the 405th =D

  6. nice pics

  7. Thanks for sharing these robot Pics to us.

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    Now it's my turn to post here

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    my MK. VI build:

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    yeah me, goosebot5000, and a new 405th member where all at the same gamestop, 3 magums, two MA5B's, and 2 SMG's wish i had pics of the night but the rain got in the way of things.
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    Completed for acceptable wear in public, but not exactly finished. Gonna do boots, changed my knees, and might redo a couple pieces

    Got a lot of foam to shape. Gods be praised.
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