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    Jun 30, 2016, 10:44 AM - Re: "Help!" for: Electronics #901

    Necro post or not (I vote not because it is a thread that can never die), I'm glad you posted and I just bought one.
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    Jun 30, 2016, 11:34 AM - Re: "Help!" for: Electronics #902

    Don't worry, this thread is not considered necro AFAIK.
    People have been jumping in asking questions and providing info here for a long time, and it serves as a central point for all stuff electronic.

    I know that thing. Had it to play with for a day as it was defective. Repaired it and gave it back to the owner. The amplifier was some kind of low end TDA chip if I remember.

    No way it's 50Watt. More like 5Watt on a good day (which is good for what we need, no question about that) but the 50Watt is totally bogus.
    I suspect it's being marketed as 50Watt PMPO (which means absolutly zip) as with a battery of 7.2V and a consumption of 150mA, producing 50Watt RMS is technically impossible.

    I have a BT portable speaker with 10Watt RMS, and it blows that Pyle device right out of the water.

    Usable ? Sure. I use something similar on all our helmets as it's pretty much impossible to talk to each other otherwise when everybody's wearing a helmet, I bought similar Chinese devices costing less than 1/4th of the Pyle, and they sound just as good if not better (tunable Reverb/Echo on the Chinese devices, and an SD card reader + Recording capability).

    So shop around. While not bad, it's not the fantastic deal you'd think it would be.

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