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  1. Fissoffury
    My Kat coaplay is done and couldn't be more happy. This was one of my long sought after goals in my life and now here I am.
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  2. Church
    Battalion Commander of Magic Iron Battalion & Forward Observer of Alabama
  3. lordhood32
    Not sure if Ambition or Stupidity, it's a fine line
  4. Rinzlerr
    Centurion WIP in progress
  5. DosasterRus
    Assemble an Alpha 9 team. Soon we Will be prepared to drop
  6. Terruh
    working like a bee to finish all my Cosplay plans in time … xD
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  7. WiskTangFoxt
    I made armor in 2012 that was black. Super cool too!
  8. WiskTangFoxt
    Hello. I am a new member. I have made Spartan armor in the past. It's a lot of work but very fun. :)
  9. Talkingcurtain
    Talkingcurtain Daschlenn
    Hi Daschlenn, I was also hoping you still had the unfolded Shaxx helmet handy. I’ve scrounged around all over the web today and couldnt find any others. Do you think you could help me out? Thanks for the help.
  10. MepeS11
    Working on resizing a JFO helmet, got to make sure it'll fit my glasses, a mic, a fan, and my hair...
  11. MPlayer20
    Finally back online. Posted a Update on my cosplay.
  12. Badkitty
    Badkitty LongShot X
    Sir you are awesome! I have been here for a while but I have been largely absent due to my work, but now I have returned to help others and I have to hand it to you for being yet another inspiration for me to continue working on my project as well. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of us and keep having fun!
  13. RHM
    Power armor rules
  14. RandomRanger
    Once these should pieces are done drying, my suit will be half done! Not bad for only starting last weekend.
  15. The Universe
    The Universe
    Currently working on the Covenant Assault Carrier
  16. street
    Plotting and planning
  17. Church
    Battalion Commander for Magic Iron Battalion
  18. MajWood
    Ky USA resident, let’s get some boots on the ground marines!
  19. PaiganBoi
    Current build: Odogaron armour set from Monster Hunter World
  20. dean west
    dean west PaiganBoi
    hi there . was just wondering if you were building a hunter ?
    1. PaiganBoi
      Yessir, I am.
      Jan 21, 2019
  21. mumgoot
    mumgoot Sean Anwalt
    Awesome status quote
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  22. Z3nk1001
    Spartans never die
  23. WolfsParadise5
  24. ArcForce
  25. Ichan
    #crafting for my life x.X