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New Profile Posts

  1. StrawbsThePilot
    Star Wars costumer with 501st Ireland Garrison and Rebel Legion Ireland finally using his skills to make his Halokid dreams come true!
  2. Roguestormie
    Feet first into hell baby!
  3. lildeadmangame
    Helmet halfway done
  4. IPv6 Subnet
    IPv6 Subnet
    Back again, this time with a job so I can actually buy the materials for developing suits and such lol!
  5. lildeadmangame
    I’m making two of every piece to make it right lol
  6. PaiganBoi
    This Trooper is ready FanExpo Toronto!
  7. zachturner009
    Coolest guy ever. Of all time.
  8. Benton188
    The Ghost is now driving around at conventions!! Latest project is Gipsy Danger. Next Halo suit will be a Sangheili.
  9. TuckerMinerMan3
    Hi I started building a halo suit recently and I'm having trouble with strapping the shoulder piece any advice?
  10. Swinly
  11. sfritts10
    Hi everyone! Hoping to be more active in the forums from here on out, I look forward to future interactions
  12. DARK5976
  13. aracknoid3
    Sorry I’ve been away. Had some health issues. But I’m back and stronger than ever! Hey there Fangs
  14. Tmewllchngeyrhr
    1st and second coats of paint are in the EOD helmet. I’m so close!!
  15. TheLonlySpartan
    Playing Surviving Mars on Xbox One... Strategy games are extremely slow.
  16. MepeS11
  17. Tmewllchngeyrhr
    Hello all, this is my first post actually. I've been working on a few projects and hope to have a progress post soon!
  18. Lord of Reach
    Lord of Reach
    Currently working on my own personalized armor with pepakura.
  19. Wilkins123
    Wilkins123 Goosebot 5000
    Whats your email, I have a lot of questions about building a proton pack.
  20. Church
    Forward Observer of Alabama
  21. Sniper0092
    Name: Classified
  22. PumaDriver038
    About to undertake my very first Halo suit which will be my spartan from Reach. Really just need to track down the patterns and I'll be good
  23. Northern Dragon
    Northern Dragon
    Wake me, when you need me.
  24. Brandon Burke
    Brandon Burke thorn696
    i am looking for a very simple set of templates to make some Master Chief armor for my son for halloween. I dont care if its from the first game or which ever one you may have. I need it simple as possible because my TBI makes it hard to process alot of overly complex patterns. Any help you can give me is most appreciated.
  25. shobhit mathew
    shobhit mathew
    Need full body armour templates for Master Chief or Spartan Locke. Just the template pdf not the pdo file.