Br55 Image2

Br55 Image2

The file is a combination of pieces. I modified all of the parts to make the connections seamless.
But is the Anniversary BR55 with some work done to it. As in a lot of work on my part. And it is the Suppressor from the M7. I had to repair the BR55 model and then I went in and added pin channels to it to make it so it is stronger as well as a pin channel into the suppressor so that it wont just shear off the first time you bump it. As of this time I havent posted the file for it anyplace as I am going back and forth with someone about doing a much better detailed version of the Reach BR55 which would be the match for what was in the screen art.
Kusak3 as someone who is just learning to cad, that hurt my head. And as someone who just got free access to some high-end printers, I can happily say that I am waiting with bated breath to see what you come up with :)
Take my word It hurts my head as well. I bounce back and forth between meshmixer and Netfab and occasionally blender. And to make it worse I am completely self taught. I still cant make my own models yet and really can only due limited modification to existing models. Enough to make them printable most times. I have about 30 hours in just fixing some of the issues in the BR55 that caused it to have some massive voids inside of it. And the fix isnt perfect to say the least. Is a small visible flaw in the bolt carrier area on both sides of the rifle if you realize what you are looking at. And the process of making the model solid in meshmixer tends to blur some detail. Which is painful. Adding the pin channels is actually really easy in meshmixer if you have figured out one of the tricks.

But realizing I didnt answer the initial question. All of the files I used are here on the 405th. The files for the BR55 are in the armory and it is just the game file asset that I cleaned up a bit. The suppressor is on the M7 in the FFA series of models in the 3d modeling section.

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