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    Help with NON pepakura NON resin cardboard armour (fantasy knight)

    well, all has happened to England what always happens. the weather turned rubbish, and once again i have nothing to wear for Halloween (christmas if its too late for that) so is anyone here an expert / ever dabbled in making cardboard armour, BUT withough using resin, hot glue or anything, as i...
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    Sutekhian's Meta build, WIP

    ah, what an amazing finished build, so what is next for this AWESOME character?
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    Halo 3 version ODST/ original character.....

    hehe. that pic looks like the ones that i take on halo reach in theater XD, though that is a fine collection of weapons, bet its tricky choosing what to take
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    Halo Reach Kat - Foam Armor *FINISHED* 10/31/11

    i am so pleased that this is back on track XD
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    0235's ODST

    urgh. im not sure what to do with this project. whie i would really love ODTS armour, im just getting no time. when the weather is good im stuck out in the garden or off doing somthing else, and when im stuck ndoors i just dont have the willpower to get on with the few items i have left to pep...
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    Insanetrooper's ODST Build

    wow. a pretty well made vac former, though you may want to add a few more holes there, hope it turns out well
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    HALO ODST Diorama - New Mombasa

    wow! the crack in the glass is amazing. May i ask how you did it?
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    The Bunker… (Future shop to work in during the winter.)

    are you going to be running any air ducts for your bunker, say to a seperat box for drying or are you just going to use that beast of an extractor for the whole room?
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    Insanetrooper's ODST Build

    WOW!! that is one helluva clay sculpture there, just you seemed to take the longst possible method. then again, you now have a pretty decent cast that cou might be able to use to recast some extra helms! everything else is looking nice and clean, and cant belive just how quickly some people...
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    Nerdy Tattoos

    not quite sure if its nerdy, but someone got "ledgendary" tattood on their back
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    A project actually for ME! (pic heavy)

    yeah. there is alot of envy coming from my poast. i struggled to get that ODST lower waste bit out of cardboard let alone foam! and do you have a bigger pucture of the MNU armour, as i have always wanted a set since i was District 9?
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    My first 3D model ever.

    yous see that some of the faces are white, and some are blue, that is really going to mess up pepakura. i do alot of sketchup so some thips are make it in google sketcup 8, but export it back to version 6 to be turned into a pep file if you highlight the blue faces, right click and select...
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    You can now haz blue flame

    ok, so you need to download an app. my phone is almost 9 years old, what do i do?
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    Sutekhian's Meta build, WIP

    do you realise how jealous i am XD i tried to make Meta once. completely failed. good to see someone else willing to be a bad guy aswel.
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    Reach EOD helmet

    OMG!!! this is amazing! really really amazing. you were able to get it so smooth, and painted so well. really good job