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    UpComing Pennsylvania Conventions

    WildCat Con is in Williamsport, PA at the Penn College campus. It is listed as the being on the 27th not the 9th. I wish they had done that when I was still going to school there.
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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    Typically you are automatically returned to a thread after posting in it from the advanced or "More Reply Options" screen. So I'm confused why you would need it to show up in the News Posts quick search or have to search around for it to make quick amendments when you should already be there to...
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    As far as I know, charter is just the type of the document. It is been most recently referred to as the Covenant.
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    More Forum Name Updates

    The unfinished ones only ever made it in because forum members would start crying out over and over and over to make it Elite before it was barely started. Excuse my bluntness but sometimes threads were put there just to shut people up.
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    Destiny Hunter Build by RoxyRoo

    Hey RoxyRoo, just a heads up that I'll be moving this thread to its new home in the Non-Halo Costumes and Props forum.
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    Ok, I'll get started searching. In the meantime, I would ask that anyone that reads this and sees a non-halo related thread outside of that forum to link it for me in a PM. I'll start with the most recent and work backwards.
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    Sure, it would take a while, but I'll get it done.
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    Oh no, we don't need to dedicate a new section to any one subject or franchise. Just a kind of catch-all for the random stuff that isn't Halo. Yes, the club will provide a certain extended longevity to the life of Halo here on the site and within the club at the very least. It will eventually...
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    Yes, you're exactly right, unless we adapt. However, what you don't realize is Halo is already dying off. Regardless of how many more games they release, many of their original and core fans have already started to slowly turn their collective backs on the franchise for what it is becoming...
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    HELP? Fans In The Helmet/Wiring

    There is a help thread for electronics in the "Stuck" thread list. It may have the answers you seek if you don't get help here right away.
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    I've been on forums and on this earth for that matter long enough to have learned not to be all encompassing when referring to a group of individuals. This may be how you and a majority here see this site but it is not how some of us see it. Regardless, a forum to funnel those general non-halo...
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    Midwestern Regiment?

    The regiment organization and creation is still in its infancy. I'm sure when the Charter is completed or almost complete you will see progress on this. For now, patience please.
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    Articles Section Closing

    Is there a current application within vB that allows for news submissions to be submitted to general staff for approval and uploaded to something like the Activity Feed, but perhaps News Feed instead? I really like how this site ( ) does their news and submissions...
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    New Member to Full Member promotion

    That will be addressed. The site settings are and will be erratic from time to time. We are still in a transitional phase and trying different things. It will be addressed. ;)
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    Destiny Beta, spoilers open at your risk

    Ok, try this if you haven't already. Change your power settings so it's not "always" on. Then turn off your system and unplug the power. Start up again and see if that helps.