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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Sean Connelly Profession: Full time student, otherwise trying to find work Age: 20 Favorite Hobby: AIRSOFT! Favorite part of halo:I enjoyed ODST, walking around a ruined metropolis with no support in the middle of the night, that was awesome Favorite Halo: while i enjoyed that, my...
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    Paintball Or Airsoft To Assault Rifle Idea (Discussion/pre-Wip Stage)

    i agree with bankz, if you dont ming single fire, and a small mag, cutting it down yourself. you might even be able to replace the barrel with a rifle barrel, but if you plan on using an AEP you need to get a ton of clips, but this way you can make a model of the mag and have it permanently in...
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    Paintball Or Airsoft To Assault Rifle Idea (Discussion/pre-Wip Stage)

    ok first thing first, you are looking at a picture of a V2 gearbox, the one in the Famas is a Version 1, which is probably why the buttstock is so long. this also means you cant cut the extra length off like i think you were hoping you could. but i may have a solution, because you will not be...