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    First timer

    I think the chest fits good, it looks proportioned so far. Maybe once you add the shoulders, it will fill it's self out .
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    Floating Faces

    Alright, I uploaded the file. Thanks for the help!
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    Halo 4 Master Chief foam armor

    There are other alternatives to fiberglass if you really want to use paper. (Powertex fabric hardener, hot glue method) Anyway, good luck with your armor!
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    Floating Faces

    Hi there question, do floating faces affect the scale size in Pepakura Designer 3? Meaning if I scaled the helmet to my head size, would it be smaller, becuase the floating face is actually considered the top?? I'm currently trying to scale a Halo 4 Hazop Helmet, (link to the download Halo 4 -...