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    Farris Mkvi Finished!

    I love it, good folds to Great job m8
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    A4 Cardboard And Weird Size?

    Im using the ODST H2 Helmet with Pepakura designer
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    A4 Cardboard And Weird Size?

    Well i have seen that sticky but the option in Pepakura "Scaling up/down with specified number* Doesen't exist
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    A4 Cardboard And Weird Size?

    Hi guys, id like to know a few things: 1. When i print out the Helmet model on A4 copy paper it seems a bit small, why? 2. I can't get the Scaling to work properly, im 5'2 3. Can i glue copy paper on A4 Cardboard? Thanks in advance :D /8ibe | EightIbe
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    Whoo, That's helmet is Ùber! Have fun paintballing
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    Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor

    Great tutorial! I have just regietred here, seems to be a great forum for those like me (A nooby Halo fan that wants a Halo helmet xD) :D :D :D Keep it up / 8ibe