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  • damn sounds good, i was going to see it on mother's day but my mom didn't want to see it =( she said it doesn't looks very good
    ah that sucks man =( well hope you get better from that
    btw are you getting halo CE? comes out tonight/tomorrow
    oh nice, i am starting slot and cornor and that sucks man, what happened?
    that is why i hate microsoft but the only reason i play xbox is because of halo
    i play for my school and it's only flag football but my school is called Blessed Sacrament Parish School (catholic school) and i am out for the rest of the season because i hurt my back =(
    i got console banned because someone fixed my xbox other than microsoft =( but i am getting 2 new xboxs this weeknd, 1 for my dad's house and 1 for my stepmom's house, not my actual mom's house because she hates that kind of stuff
    lol nice man, my football team is full of softies xD sometimes me because i am pretty small (only 5'2 and only weigh 102)
    hey man, if you go on xbox and you never see me online, well that is because i got console banned after that big update =( i have to get a whole new system
    hey man, i just realized that your b day is 1 day before mine =D lol just putting that out there and really random but i looked on your profile and saw your b day was march 22 =D
    awesome man, yeah i also have football and school, so much stuff and i will not be on during the weekdays only friday night, saturday and hopefully sunday
    hey man, i attempted to fix it this just past weekend and failed, i thought that i fixed it but nope it didn't work
    i started out with 1 red light then after the x clamp fix i got 3 red lights, after that i got 2 and then after that i got 3 again, so many attempts and no progress, just i know what the problem is, i have to drill the holes in the metal case so it doesn't give pressure on the motherboard, stupid me xD
    they don't make those anymore, i didn't know that, the ogs are the best, i am getting it fixed this weekend, by me lol but i learned how to fix it so i will do that
    hey Aaron, if i am not on for a while that is because my xbox got the rrod again and i am getting it fixed (by me, it is gonna be worse than before, jk lol) well see you when i get back on in like a week or so
    oh nice, looks like you got your profile name back to normal
    my xbox live gt is WakeJunkie, it's my dad's
    what's your's?
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