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    New Wip Odst Weta Style

    woot woot for u!
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    Savvytanks Odst

    this helm will not shar the same doom as google! i will not let that happen... not again! :unsure
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    New Wip Odst Weta Style

    w8 sorry im asking questons but u scale width highth or what btw sorry 4 all the ?'s
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    New Wip Odst Weta Style

    lol really i think i under stand lol no i do.... or do i? well its looking great. my first project is ODST coz there bamph!!! keep on truckin!
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    New Wip Odst Weta Style

    whats the scale on the helm
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    New Odst Armor Started

    ahhh i see rube it looks bamph keep it up!
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    New Odst Armor Started

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    Odst W.i.p

    noiccceee man get-er-done!!!
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    Odst Question

    ODST!!! great mind think alike!
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    Chris Gold's Odst Set

    nice job looks good keep it up!!! btw r u sure your dog isnt dead????
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Ausin Rogers (a.k.a. ruler of worlds!!!!! lol jk just my room Profession: bucking hay Age: 14 (3 months till 15) Favorite Hobby: Video Games, football and baseball Favorite part of halo: machmaking ;) Favorite Halo: halo 3 odst :lol Favorite Video Game: Halo all the way! Other...
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    Aware's Odst Armor Build

    looking awesome keep it up!! ya mind give us the link to the pep files?
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    My Odst Helmet And Armor Update On Pg 13 Wip

    dude that awesome!!! keep on truckin ;)
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    Complete Noob List

    wow! thx vary helpful! ;) now im all set!!
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    Fiberglass Resin Alternative

    dont wipe your butt with that lol nice idea i'll maybe have to try that! oh and go megan fox!! :eek