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    Completed Full Suit List

    Hey guys. [attachment=5565:1.jpg] [attachment=5566:2.jpg] [attachment=5567:4.jpg] [attachment=5568:7.jpg] -Ace "If you can't laugh in this world, why live?"
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    Soft Parts Undersuit Resource Thread

    Want to be careful. A wetsuit is designed for being in the water. Your body can't breath when standing out in the hot sun for too long in those things. I don't know personally, just what I've heard from others. But thought I'd share. -Ace
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    Soft Parts Undersuit Resource Thread

    Hey guys, new member here. I thought this to be a worthy post. Check out this! I know it's sleevless, but I have sleeves to attach to it. It just shows off some nice ribbed texture and looks like it will work with the armor. 40$ Dollars Feel free to leave some comments after clicking on...