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    Electronic Paper

    This is perfect for my night vision helmet! I saw this on tv once, phillips said it would be cheap enough to implement into cereal packets. So I'm assuming it's cheap! :lol: Now I just need an old grayscale camera, some infra-red LEDs, and BAM! Helmet with in-built night vision! Ohhh righ'! :D
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    TUTORIAL: The Totally Offical "Hot glue Method" Method.

    So one would not advise replacing resin with hot glue? Or at least not for the outside? Surely it could be made smooth with some sort of sealing-thingy (sorry, on holidays, forgetting everything...starts with a k...) Also, you've mentioned in another thread that this probably couldn't be used if...
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    Wiring LED TO helmet

    When I finally figure out what I'm going to make my armor out of, as well as save up to buy all the stuff I'll need (*cringe), I'll probably implement some of this stuff into the armor. I'll probably need a few fans, because I plan to use mine in paintball (nothing more frightening then the...