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  • Looking forward to your me2 build! Tim Winn aka Timecon might me able to help with templates. Check out his YouTube channel, it's Tim's time. Oh, and you should send me an addy on fb.
    Looks like your cat armor is off to a great start! i'm curious to see what you do for the "non-organic" arm. keep postin' pics, nice work!
    looool no im not =), she does have a BF and so do i =)
    at the time of thoses messages we were playing Halo reach together ^^
    hey gurl, i started playing on Legendary yesterday right after you leave, omfg is so fckn HARD !
    it is original =), i havent meet another achilla 137 yet. i assume your email is achilla137@hotmail.com lol =) !
    Well I'm working on my ODST armor but I'm sure you could have guessed that lol, but yeah I'm rushing my ass off to get it done before Halloween. It looks promising, I'm confident I'll have it done
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Jun 1, 1990 (Age: 34)
Zombie Prevention