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  • Thanks Vince, nice to get a bit of recognition. I might even write a few tutorials now I don't have to post in the noob section if I don't want to.
    Vince, a couple of the guys have said that members need to point the Mods at a thread if they believe that it's worth Elite status, and become a quick infantryman.
    Would you mind sending a PM to the Mods asking if they will look at my thread please?
    I'd like to post a couple of articles or tutorials etc but can only post in noob at the moment.
    The link to the thread is in my sig.

    Ello Vince. I been a member for a while but never bothered to post on here before.
    Another bloody site to monitor ;-)
    thats just what my partner was after. Not sure what she will want this halloween though I hope its not halo armour ;-)
    I see, well, my sister has been on a Buffy Marathon after she borrowed all 7 seasons from her friend....your Avatar's first reaction for me was "VAMPIRE" :p
    lol SPRTNBD50, bo it's my partner after I did her makeup for halloween in 2010. Custom latex brow and cheeks, custom fangs :)
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