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    Show us your 3D printer/ CNC machine!!!

    So I'm looking at procuring a 3D Printer in the coming months due to my graduate stipend being significantly higher than what I am use to. As a novice to 3D printing (but not 3D modeling), what would people's suggestion be for a first 3D printer? I have heard good things about the Printrbots and...
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    Hey Blackula, This is Joe. Let me know if you have either the ODST or the Pilot helmets still...

    Hey Blackula, This is Joe. Let me know if you have either the ODST or the Pilot helmets still available. Looking at trying to nab one quickly for an upcoming convention to replace my current one. Warm Regards, Joe | Adulese
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    Ohio Members?

    Hey everyone, Adulese (Joe) here. If you lot are down at Ohayocon send me a txt, (216)551-6587 or look for the guy with an ODST helmet on with a suit. Or hell, just yell out 405th when you're in a crowd and I'll listen for it. - Adulese
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    Expendable ODSTs

    That was pretty good. That last part was ******* perfect. - Adulese
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    Broke down: Pre-ordered the Halo Reach Edition xbox

    I won't be buying the system. However, I will probably be buying one of the controllers. I already have to shell out 150 bucks for the LE. - Adulese
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    405th Veteran Chat Discussion - IMPORTANT

    I'll be there. I need to get back into an active spot in the community. I'll be at my computer much of the day, so 4pm sounds fine for me. Just be sure that my skype is on the call list (Adulese). - Adulese
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    Square-Enix Halo Reach L.E. Action Figures

    Yeah, if they are coming from Square-Enix, expect something that will blow your mind in regards to quality. Good to see them branching out. - Adulese
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    Halo Reach Get-Together

    It's too bad I still don't live in Orlando. I use to go to the Turkey Lake GS a lot and the guys there are all pretty good about 405th guys. Remember to take pictures. - Adulese
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    405th Veteran Chat Discussion - IMPORTANT

    Hello everyone. Not sure how many of you remember me as I've taken a leave from an active 405th enlistment for some time now. For a little memory boost, I helped in starting the Source during the first issue and half of the second (Editor-in-Chief). However, I've been coming back on recently to...
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    2010 Con's You Are Planning For

    AnimeBoston is this Friday. Anyone else heading over to the banks of the Dirty River? - Adulese
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    Raziel1981's Hayabusa Build

    This is probably one of the better Hayabusa builds I've seen around here. You paid a lot of attention to detail on your helmet and chest piece and didn't settle for the easy way to get things done. Not to mention, taking things one piece at a time is a great way to structure your building...
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    Peter, that AR looks simply amazing. It is so beautifully detailed and looks like it is straight out of Halo. I commend you efforts and again wish you the best of luck my friend. Any plans on maybe getting your friend to let us in on some of his secrets? - Adulese
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    Hidden Blade Wip

    You might get something out of this concept artwork. As well as this video. Though the guys doing it are pretty much idiots. >.> - Adulese
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    Chief And Stormtrooper Panhandle For Taylor Swift Tickets

    This was epic. Looks like you guys got some great attention. Good luck with the contest. - Adulese
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    Props Reach Ar Model

    Absolutely epic. Keep up the good work. - Adulese