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    This Is Mind Blowing!

    heh looks like Ive missed a bit of the discussion... if the universe is everything what is it expanding into?? and with white holes how could they be proved to exist. wouldn't it jut be reflecting everything sent at it with the same force as a black hole? or would it be in a black hole out a...
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    Looking For Help With My Homemade Halo Game

    .... it wont work.... =( i download it and it does noting... =(
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    This Is Mind Blowing!

    well thats lovely to know... that we could be killed by a random galexy.... also think of the idea that there are Blackholes out there... and they have the ability to move... and if one was headed our way there would b nothing we could do and scentist could perdict the exact second we would...
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    Monster Case Mod

    thats kewl man
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    Oh Good God

    hahaha "lusts for this gun....."
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    This Is Mind Blowing!

    heh what are the others???? lol
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    Steampunk Toolbox

    lol mint condition?
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    New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Aggreed.... :D
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    Doc Bytes Project!

    man... its all so good!!! any ETA on rest of peices?
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    Props Hd Mauler

    lol can already tell im gana lose atleat a weekend of sleep over this...
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    Vanalla's Landfall Odst

    lol looks good tho man
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    I Want Your Fingers Crossed...

    good luck!
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    This Is Mind Blowing!

    whats the basis of it?
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    New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

    world at war is amazeing what are you talking about lol so this will make Cod 6..... man i dont think there gana stop it lol
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    This Is Mind Blowing!

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(RadioactiV777 @ Dec 3 2008, 11:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>Glad to show you that we could have something halo like... well kinda. And yes, I have read some from Stephen Hawking, and I have also done a research paper on him, and his theories...