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    Using A Silhouette Portrait With Pepakura

    Print and Cut huh? Not a bad idea. I'll look into it :)
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    Props UNSC Weapons By Justinian

    These are simply amazing. Fantastic job.
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    Morphine's "Spartan Body" Build - WIP

    Both myself and the missus want to get into better shape. We're going to try following along with you.
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    Saiyan Armour .objs

    The files were made three years ago on an old computer, so I don't even have them anymore. I actually found it a lot easier and more effective to make Saiyan armour out of foam, with cardstock for the ridges, in the end.
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    Using A Silhouette Portrait With Pepakura

    Here's my most recent attempt, details the problems I'm coming across. I go into Pepakura Designer, I scale and rearrange my various pieces. I set paper type to A4 (because I live in the UK, that's our standard paper size), I increase the line thickness so the Silhouette can read it more...
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    Using A Silhouette Portrait With Pepakura

    He's using the Silhouette Cameo, the model up from the Portrait I have. The Cameo has official support for Pepakura Viewer and there are files you can download for compatibility, but it specifically says the Portrait isn't supported. I'm looking for a work around at the moment.
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    Using A Silhouette Portrait With Pepakura

    We recently got a Silhouette Portrait, a machine that basically cuts out shapes into various materials, paper, flock, cardstock, with amazing accuracy. The missus got it for a project she's working on, but it hit me, this could make Pep armour so much easier! I had a look around, there are...
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    Noob Girl's Grif Build

    Looking great so far!
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    Cortana's New Look, With Other Halo 4 News

    Just thought I should add that Official XBox Magazine UK have done a 10 page blowout on Halo 4, which includes this double spread, which happens to have a TON of details and little tid bits about the suit, for example, underneath the armoured boot, there's a ninja tabi split in the toes for...
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    Halo 4 Helmet build

    My only issue with the helmet, and this is more the fault of the original Pepakura model than anything else, is that the visor area is just too small. The helmet has always looked to me as though it's built around the visor and I just don't get that feeling from this. Other than that, amazing...
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    CEREAL'S - Mk VI Comprehensive WIP **(With Videos)**

    I've never seen someone approach the helmet with such care, precision and detail. Well done! =D
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    Pepakura Requests

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    Pepakura Requests

    Anyone made the Halo Reach Operator helmet yet?
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    Uk Product Variants

    OK, seeing as me and my friend are making the same armour and we used the ame size parts last time, we figure we'll just make one set the traditional way and just mold it and cast two plastic sets, problem is getting the equipment to do so in the UK. I'll look into this Jesmonite stuff that's...
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    Spartan Mk Vi Rebuild

    Thanks. Dunno if I'll bother with bondo as it's looking pretty badass as is, and once painted it'll no doubt look even better. I was thinking of making a mold of this helmet, then casting one in plastic for me to wear and one for my friend to wear but I have absolutely no idea how to go about...