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    Soft Parts Is This Good?

    in answer to your question, NO. it really isnt good. the wool is hot and itchy SO you would start sweating your brains out litarley. its not a good cheap alternitave to some nice thin balaclava or neckties. good idea though, if youfind a thinnerone count me in, saves a $#!Tload.
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    Scale Questions.

    hey guys... i have full ODST armor pepakura downloaded from the fourms, but i still am having tgrouble understanding scale... how tall is the odst armor files from skullcandy girl and how do i edit them to the proper size for someone who is 5'1" (i'm really short i know...) is it even possible...
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    Conventions In New York Anytime Soon?

    Honestly, i didn't know where to post this... i'm locked from everything except this and noob form. any events in new york that the 405th or anyone obsessed with sci-fi (me) would be intrested in going to? this isn't me asking to go with anyone, this is me asking if said events exist. i was...
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    Nooblet Brainstorm

    Hey guys, just a new costume builder here... never built a costume/weapon/awesome device before but i'm a big DIY and currently in production to my own short film, so one can imagine the SFX and Set building i've gone through. I don't need costumes for my movie, but i just have become obsessed...
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    405th: CrazyNewb122 XBL: wookiebrothers Location: US New York Time Zone: EST someone... anyone... add me please! you all seem like kewl people and with my new addiction that involves alienating everyone i know i'll be on halo 3 24/7!!! XD
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Alexandre Profession: Movie Actor (Contract Expired) Age: 14 (Close to 15) Favorite Hobby: Airsoft Favorite part of halo: I was never a fan of halo, i was one of those "never tried it, never will" kinda people... until my brother brought a copy of halo 3 home... i played out the story in...