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    Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )

    So, are you stopping the larger build or just taking a break from it for now? BTW, that smaller arm is looking very cool!
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    File it under Crimmson

    Crimmson, I think they are good to go.. Your work is very impressive. My hat is off to you...
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    File it under Crimmson

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    Chaos Knight (worbla)

    Drack, Awesome build!! My question is, is worbla durable or quite fragile?
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    File it under Crimmson

    There is nothing there...
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    Pepakura Requests

    Briarioes from APPLESEED ALPHA....
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    Custom Hodge-Podge Armor

    Can't wait to see your progress on this! Good luck and welcome aboard:)
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    Shotgun Pepakura Trouble

    Did you get it figured out? I had the same problems when I first started out. Hope to see you posting your build, Shotgun is one of my favorite armors:thumbsup
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    Shotgun Pepakura Trouble

    Click on the 2D tab on designer 3 and click "show edge ID".
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    Props Helljumpers project warthog bravo disaster

    Swampbilly, I know I've seen those builds and it really sucks that your warthog was stolen.. Sorry to hear you went through a divorce as well but I know for me and I'm sure most us here you haven't let us down. Life always comes first, good or bad. Just glad to see you back..
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    File it under Crimmson

    I know you're busy but how about the ARKHAM KNIGHT helmet and maybe the rest of the armor?:D
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    Aztlan's Halo 4 Rogue + Binary Rifle + M6H + Exo-suit WIP, PIC HEAVY!

    EVAkura, Are there pep files for the rest of the Rogue armor? I've been looking all over the place and as it looks, alot of the Spartans share different armor parts,( gauntlets,shins,boots, etc.) but as I can see Rogue has his own parts..
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    Aztlan's Halo 4 Rogue + Binary Rifle + M6H + Exo-suit WIP, PIC HEAVY!

    How is your vision through the mirroring and what is the product you used my I ask?