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    A 405Th Chrismas!

    Merry Chrismas ! and awsome new year (don't drink too mught)
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    Female Spartan Chest Plate

    Ow... Ow... O.o Oh My God ! That's AWSOME ! XD :eek Look sweet ^^ btw : sbd. got pep files :3 ?
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    New Recruit Orientation Video

    :3 like 4 me that vid it's great idea to show how forum should look like ^^
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    Props [release] Halo 3 Pelican

    O____________o OMG it AWSOME... i need lern how to made things in 3D...
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    My Progress

    Look good... Kepp working Be a Spartan
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    Spartan 510 Wip

    Hello :D When i start to made armor i think i'll just do helmet but now i think i'll have finished armor before sumer :D and btw. I have wip almost all armor but i don't like to give unfinished project fotos... bad luck ;p and sory for a bad quality of pic but my camera dead ;( Now... will...
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    Oddball - For Hardcore Geeks And Airsoft Aficionados

    it's FU****** AWSOME XD I WANT ONE :D it's expensive to do ?? if not i wll try :D
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Amadeus (call me Amadi) Profession: Student (half time n00b programer) Age: 16 Favorite Hobbys: Programing,Pepakura models,Gaming :D Favorite part of halo: Every Halo is AWSOME Favorite Halo: well... Halo 3, Halo 2 and Halo CE XD Favorite Video Game: i don't have favorite :p Other...
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    Star Wars Imperial Guard Helmet

    HI :D Somebody can send me PM with .PDO file download ?? coz it look awsome :D and i want one !!!!!
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    Skupilkinsons Star Wars Pep

    tell me when you end :D it's look !@$#@! AWSOME. When you end i want to try them :D (make a pepakura model ofcorse XD)
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    Lol Halo Effects Videos

    that last is easyer then look... everybody can make it on Adobe After Effect but i never got idea like that... rest... Awsome *.* i must make my own active camuflage movie ^^ XD
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    My Br55 So Far

    You bettle rifle rox dude... O,o i want one !!! like your !!!!!! (nice knife up ^^)
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    Mark Vi Progress

    wow... excelent work !!!! i want my armor look like your's when i end... but i'm n00b on this :( Awsome Helmet and OMFG SPARTAN LASER !!!!!! it's the hardest weapon to do i thing... greate job !!!!!
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    My First Ma5c Ar

    look good dude !!!! kepp working ^^ meabe you will do ASG wersion ^^ ??
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    Adam's Assault Rifle

    I want one ^^ i't look grate nice job !!!!