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  • Umm other words for police ... eh like slang words?

    they're generally called officers, cops, police, in Ireland they're call Án Gárda Shioucháná or the Gardaí ... but other countries have different names. And as for slang words, will probably give you a billion terms for police.

    I guess it varies from country to country, even english speaking ones, like English people in England call the police "the police" while americans call them "cops"
    I cant say Ive heard of it actually :/ whats that!!!
    Youre so kind to make all your friends gifts!!! at Christmas over here I made my best friend a collage of photos of her and friends in a massive frame she absolutely loved it, took down one of her Liverpoor photos to hang up my collage on the wall!!! And she loves liverpool I was so happy she liked it! Im sure your friends will love their presents, I look forward to seeing pics :D Have a good time
    Yeah, I got the remake one, I dont have an xbox, only a 360
    Oh I wish I could >.< Chinese new year in China always look sstunning on tv, I think the Eastern world is far better at celebrating their new years than we in the west, Ireland has diabolical new years, fireworks and stuff are strictly regulated and stuff (as are all explosives since the IRA *eyeroll*) so theres very little to do other than watch other peoples new years on tv (or like I did, go out to a nightclub packed with sweaty perverts o_O)
    Your new year will be amazing no doubt!!! Have an amazing celebration, and a Happy new Year :D
    The spartan iii's were created using vaguer guidelines, a smaller budget, and was generally rather carelessly put together, but I have to give Spartan Kurt credit for trying, he tried his very best, even trying to feed more money into the augmentations and the SPI armour, it just wasnt meant to be.
    I have Combat evolved, i love it, its great the way you can switch between HD and the original game graphics, makes you see how much Halo has improved over 10 years.
    Im not as big a fan of the ODST's as I am of the chief and Spartan 2's, in my opinion, Spartan II are way better than Spartan III soldiers! Wow youve peped a lot of armour! Hope you get the resin soon so you can finish them :) If you cant find resin, maybe you could try something else, something similar that might work.
    Halo 3 was the first Halo game I played and then I went backwards :) , 3 was brilliant I would highly reccomend it, and Halo:Reach was just amazing. You should try Halo 3 ODST since you like ODST's so much, the game is all about the ODST team, a bit different to Spartan playing, ODST's are certainly interesting.
    The gaelic term for the irish police force, a female garda is called a Bean Gardaí.
    no problem :) as long as you enjoy yourself and are happy..
    yeah i done french for a few months but i dont remember any of it, i was more into english and gaelic,.
    Thank you :D its a lot of hard work but totally worth it.
    I decoided to do a hd armour because i like a challenge even though im new at this, and master chief because hes an inspiration to me :)
    what made you choose your armour?
    Well you can always keep that as a hobby :) I like drawing and collage but I dont get to do that sort of thing in my course since its all very digital, so I get to do that as a hobby, its good in a way to keep your job and hobby separate, because if you have a rough day at work it can make you appreciate your hobby less, well thats what I always thought.
    Hey you have your whole life ahead of you :) maybe after a few years of police work you can go back and study other things, or even take night classes, or even just teach yourself and go freelancer like Monty Oum did, hes a pro animator and he didnt even graduate high school!
    Ahh I dont french a long time ago, and Maori, but I dont remember much of it at all, I got rather good at Gaelic though.
    Án Garda Síouchana is pronounced (Ah-n Guard-Ahh She-O-Caw-Na)
    Its interesting celebrating different cultures and calendars :) I think theres usually a small chinese new year celebration in Dublin since there are a few people of Asian and Chinese origin living here now.
    Ahh so you are learning to be a police officer, over here in Ireland police officers are callde the Garda Siouchana, or Guardians of the Peace (when translated from Gaelic Irish)
    Youre english is pretty good, considering its your second language, I take it Vietnamese is your primary language yes?
    I study Games Design in BCFE, but next year Im going to the National University of Ireland Maynooth to study Digital media, I like working with computers and art so its the perfect course for me, maybe in the future I can help develope the "new Halo games" haha a girl can dream
    For new years my friend took me out to a nightclub where I got perved on by some creepy guys :S it was kinda scary
    No problem, Im here to help other Marines hehe us UNSC people got to stick together!
    Ahh same here, Im in my second semester, what do you study?
    Hmm well I know its the chinese new year of the Dragon, but I hadn't heard of the lunar new year, I use western calendar, my year began January 1st
    Okie dokie, best of luck :)
    do u use facebook?or yahoo?or hotmail?or gmail?
    may i be one of ur friends,_Spartan_117 ?
    Oh you're from Vietnam! Thats so cool, I live in Ireland now but I traveled a lot before I settled here, I'm going to move back to New Zealand when I'm done in college and have the money :)
    Resin was a bit tricky to get here too, I found it in a few DIY stores but it was rediculously overpriced so I ended up going to a car parts store and they had polyfiller (bondo) and fiberglass resin kits much cheaper than where i'd gone before.

    I just looked it up now and heres a company that does epoxy resin? If thats any help, and you can always buy fiberglass sheets on their own, or just use extra layers of resin and no fiberglass, it should go hard enough.

    Hope that helps a little, keep looking, or maybe you could order online and import some :/ I dunno what customs duties is like in Vietnam but you can always try it
    Ohh, haha, yeah I had trouble with resin and fiberglass at first, they only sell it in kits here, so I bought a large one and just used the resin and hardner on its own and it worked fine, then I used it and the fiberglass sheets inside and it was perfect :)
    Im having trouble getting acetone to egt the resin off brushes, so now ive gone through loads of brushes, they go rock hard and I have to throw them out lol
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