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  • hey i need a link to those reach file's you have. i'm going to start filming in like a month so i need them pretty fast.
    Well when i get the time this week (tomorrow after work) I'm gonna do some major sand work on the back torso sooo I may have an update late tomorrow :D
    I should update soon when I get the back piece done. I like to update the blog on here because it keeps all the main points open.
    I've been working on it lately in the garage. I'm trying to get the back piece all cleaned up and done so I can have all my upper body strapped and done. ;) I got the cod piece all plasticed up and it needs body work and I'm going to print the thighs tonight. :p That's where it stands.
    Hard to say, first I gotta pay for my senior class books and I was going to give some money to one of my friends so they can get me something at the Anime Expo. So after all that I'll invest what I have left in making the suit
    Hey Apollos it's Rookie_66, I just wanted to thank you for being my first friend on here and thank you for the new information.
    Hi Apollos, this is Rookie_66, you commented on my first blog and I wanted to say thank you for the insightful information but how would I use that stuff to make it look like armor?
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