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    Finally! 4O5Th Learner's Odst W.i.p!

    looks great man!
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    Props Airsoft Assult Rifle

    you could try a STEYR electric rifle.
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    Props My Smg From Halo3: Odst ......finshed

    that smg is awesome! great job link.
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    Im New

    ok i got the odst armor in viewer. i also have nightshade's odst smg, but it doesent have a scope. can anyone tell me hnow i could make the scope? thanks.
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    Im New

    thanks guys!
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    Im New

    Hello, 405th members. my name is killian, yep its a weird name i know. anyway, i'm 14 years old and live in New York. I've been a halo fan since halo 2 came out. i finally got an xbox 360 in 2007 when halo 3 came out, and have bought halo wars and halo 3 odst. i first saw people on youtube...