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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    Nothing major here but I just noticed the location of the Regiment names under our profile pictures on each post seam to be in different places depending on the regiments.
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    Deployment now open

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    2020 BCO Nominations are Now Open

    FANGS I'll Second BlazedStarbon nomination for TurboCharizard :)
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    STAFF & Member List

    Hey BlazedStarbon can we get ColdFireD96 - Ontario /// iac300 - Calgary, AB added to the list please?
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    Pacific Reg [wabat] (Puyallup, WA) - SummerCon 2019

    Sadly I will not be able to make it. Helping the fam / dad's birthday. Sorry guys
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    Canadian 405th Member Bios

    Operative ID: Artifice Affiliation: UNSC HIGHCOM/UNSCN/ONI Section Three/Delta Battalion/Fireteam Regent Rank: RXO/BXO Call Sign: Delta 02 Armour System Status: UNSC ODST Years Cosplaying: Two Short Bio: Electrician by day and goof ball by...well, all the time. Love building and crafting, and...
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    STAFF & Member List

    Hey BlazedStarbon Can we get awildshannon added to Vancouver, BC Please!
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    Back after a long absence...

    Long time no see! Welcome back!
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    Thread preview

    Art Andrews This would be the preview with the smaller window. And this is how it would actually turn out.
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    Thread preview

    Just thought I'd mention this, I just posted a new thread for my helmets and was constantly previewing the post and the preview screen is not what the post will look like in the end. The preview only shows a squished version of what your post will actually turn out to be. This isn't really a...
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    Artifice Helmet Build's

    Hey Everyone, As the title says, this thread will be an all helmet thread! I've been building helmets for a few years now. But I've only got to the point where I finish the paper craft model. Until now! With the help of a few friends in the movie industry I'm now well on my way to COMPLETING my...
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    Toronto FanExpo 2017

    That looks like you had a blast ! Super jealous !
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    First post First build

    Lol yes that does help!
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    JonteBoi's Second Halo: Reach Spartan Costume

    Awesome and ya the shin, calve and thigh are places where it's a little difficult to give your self a full range of movement some people I've known tend to try and cut away a little more material in the back on the calve and thigh to try and help it not to pinch as much.
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    Gun slinger's Noble Six WIP (pic heavy)

    I didn't see if you said any colors that you will be using when it is done, do you know whats colors you will be using ?