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    Cog Armor

    I just read through the entire thread - the only other person hosting them was on page 31, and they're broken too. Anyone know where these files are available? Dying to have them.
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    Carter Build

    this is awesome! I'm at the beginning of making a Carter costume too. Where did you get the awesome visor? Is it opaque, or is it just the way the light bounces off it? It looks maybe like iridium? also I'd love to know where you got the pep files for the foot! Asriel
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    Hi all, Just a quick question about resining. How the frak do you get the brushes clean?! I'm in the UK, and using David's Fastglas resin from Halfords. I don't know what base it is, but it came in a pack with fibreglass so I'm assuming it's the same as what everyone else on the forum refers...
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    Hi all, I've encountered a problem trying to print off a pep file. The first 9 pages printed perfectly, but for every page after that (I only printed a few more when I saw what happened) the numbers printed perfectly but there were no lines whatsoever, solid or dotted. I did nothing to the pep...
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    Halo Reach Carter Build

    I'm 6 foot 2 inches (I'm hoping the armour will give me another 2 or 3 inches, to bring me into a slightly more Spartan height), and about 170 pounds (slim, if you can't see from the picture). If you watch the Birth of a Spartan trailer, it'll give you an idea of my body shape - it's roughly...
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    Halo Reach Carter Build

    Hi all! I'm Michael, a 19-year old student currently finishing a gap year. I was a lurker on the forum a few years ago, but I've decided to really make an effort towards creating my first set of armour. I decided to start with a Carter costume, because he was my favourite Spartan of Noble team...
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    HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial

    I know which scene you're talking about, but I'm finding it almost impossible to pause Youtube at the right bit. Either his full body isn't in shot, or he's blocked by Emile (f*ck you, Emile), or the screenshot's too small and dark to be of any real use. Unless you can get a specific frame of...
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    HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial

    Yeah, that's the one. The cross-multiplication isn't a problem for me. The problem is trying to find a picture of Carter-A259 in a neutral pose, like the one of the ODST in the thread you just linked. Tried Vanity, but it seems to me like the camera's pointing from somewhere near the Spartan's...
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    HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial

    Hi Halogoddess, I'm pretty new to the forums, though I used to lurk a couple of years back. Firstly, awesome job with Kat. Scanned through the thread, so didn't really read the posts, but from what I gathered you've given up on it? Don't! Secondly, I remember from my time as a grue that...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Michael Profession: student currently on a gap year (start university in October) Age: 19 Favorite Hobby: guitar Favorite part of halo: maybe not my favourite bit, but I loved the new features Reach brought to the series (armour abilities, the space dogfights etc.) Favorite Halo: Reach...