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    Hey im looking into the 400-500 range + shipping, the tactical vest and extra odst chest plate...

    Hey im looking into the 400-500 range + shipping, the tactical vest and extra odst chest plate tabs on a lot to the price. but they are of good quality, if i can ever figure out how to get this camera to work ill have pics up. Make me an offer if ur interested and we will see what happens.
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    Noble Six Avatar Helmet Giveaway : o

    ill add in for the 2nd one as well
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    Noble Six Avatar Helmet Giveaway : o

    FEET FIRST INTO HELL! gives 1 entry ticket plz
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    Reach Loadouts

    Well with me being an assassin, ive taken Stalker to heart, with the occasional scout for run and gun games like stockpile or headhunter. I kinda hate the Airborne for powerhouse, too wide open to get shot down. But sneaking and getting the jump on someone brings a good rush.
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    Dead Space 2 Trailer Update

    New updates: Dead Space Ishimura Memorial on Facebook: Send your mementos to those lost Updated Dead Space 2 website New Trailer: in original post And dead space 2 promotional email: in original post
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    Bungie Makes Deal With Activision

    Activision also screwed over infinity ward studio owners from their own royalty money a good buck of millions (from the Call of Duty Franchise). Activision fired them, stating they broke contract (even though there's no evidence anything ever happened), just so they wouldn't have to pay. Game...
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    Bungie Makes Deal With Activision

    The big reason for bungie, PUBLISHING. Their new IP(intellectual property) will be able to hit most platforms...(not sure about the wii). They are expanding their territory. Now they can have all their fans play their beloved games, which means more money for them from more then one console...
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    Get-Together With Ithica This Summer

    Im in kingwood right next to spring i wouldnt mind
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    Reach Multiplayer Get Together?

    GT: Assassin716 see you all on the battlefield
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    Bungie Wants My Wallet.

    yup going to have to get both limited and Ultimate collectors....yay for store discount!
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    Dead Space 2 Trailer Update

    I got a friend bouncing on contracts for Bioware's Old republic game, and Visceral's Dead Space 2. He says its just as they imagined, brutal and disgusting as the first...and its filled with even more background history to the world of Dead Space. Its still in alpha stage but its just about...
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    Dead Space 2 Trailer Update

    i dont know where you heard the game is slated for a Winter 2010/ Spring 2011 release. Its not even out yet. And from the sneak previews, its going to have multi-player ranging from survivor, to vs. Im totally psyched for it.
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    Dead Space 2 Trailer Update

    Was checking on my Dead Space 2 entry for making a dismemberment move, on Dead Space Facebook Profile. Turns out EA allowed the Studio to make a full Isaac Costume...just like they did for the first Dead space. Heres the 3 photos I spy what looks like ski boots! :D...
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    Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition

    I have the collectors edition, you get the full game regardless of collectors or regular. Heres the difference 1. you get a set of collector's armor and gun...from the race of the Collectors (go figure) 2. you get a 3rd behind the scenes disc that takes you deeper into the workings of mass...
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    Reach Muliplayer Trailer Disscussion

    I believe the headhunter gameplay is something like the shortstory in the Halo Evolutions. Im guessing something like 2 players versus a team...with objectives to complete.