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    Halo Zero

    So I love HALO ZERO. It's really cool but no one is ever on the multiplayer.... Wanna play? -Atom
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    Phantom Model?

    That's sweet! I can't imagine how it would end up. This is just a thought (a crazy one) Have you tried free-handing a rough model. I'm no good with lego's. But If I was Id build something like this...
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    My Armor Progress :d

    I think a sizer is just a rough version. Like a head shape ball of pep. Just to get the size of your head I would measure your head and then the inside of the helmet. Try and leave yourself enough room for padding and a teeny tiny lil bit of breathing room.
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    Starter Project?

    The wolf suit would be good and simple. The only thing I'm thinking is that the movie comes out on october 18 so by the time halloween rolls around any old jerg off could have a wolf suit thrown together. My thought at this time is that I'm gonna have to make both and then try to figure out...
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    Starter Project?

    So I'm thinking maybe I should have a starter project. (or a side project) The way I see it I probably won't be able to make a full suit of Mjolnir in time for halloween so as a side project I thought maybe you guys would be interested in seeing my new project. I want to make a "Where the...
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    2Nd Times A Charm? My Mrk 6 In The Works

    Can't wait till it's done! We gotta make a sweet movie!!! -Atom
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    Thinking Cardboard...

    So I'm noticing more and more cardboard on the 405th. When done right it looks pretty good. I have a lot of experience with cardboard cause I used to make my LARPer friend's armor. So what do the pro's think? I have plenty of templates but I am on the fence about quality. I guess if all else...
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    Getting More Then My Helmet Done.

    Very well done. (Nice slippers BTW) What kind of weapons do you have for it?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Atom Pool Profession: Stay at home dad Age: 22 Favorite Hobby: fil making, Video Games and skating, music Favorite part of halo: The sticky grenades!!!!!!!! Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite Video Game: Don't make me decide we'll be here forever Other Interests: I like to mess around with my...