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    "Help!" for: Misc...

    Alright, Thanks FlyinPhil. I wasn't thinking of my eyes' health. I'll look into Roxy Roo's design.
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    "Help!" for: Misc...

    Hey I have a question about my helmet. I made a Halo Reach Gungnir helmet, and what makes it unique is the lack of a visor. So I'm going to put my phone in it, but I don't know how I'll make it stay in place. I have a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Austin Pense Profession: Mow lawns and lawn care, but only during summers. I'm a freshman in college. Age: 18 Favorite hobby: Cars and skiing Favorite part of Halo: The large and expanding story and universe. Favorite Video Game(s): Halo 1-3, Battlefield 4, and Mirrors Edge. Other...